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"A pleasant surprise"

'In today’s hip hop genre, where many rappers sound the same and make albums that play like one long extended track, this record is a pleasant surprise.'

- Halftime Online

"Buzz Worthy"

'Penuckle's laid-back flow and carefree swagger also help make the album a buzz worthy debut '

"Boom Bap Hip hop"

'lyricism that will make any fan of Boom Bap Hip-Hop with a rock flair pleased. '

- Jive Magazine

"The Sun Beckons"

"Penuckle’s most brilliant strength is his simplicity. While rhyming over primarily minimalist beats, Penuckle bears his soul, and his sincerity makes him an appealing character"



Armageddon b/w Aztec Love- 1999) 12" single
Feminine Face of god (1999 ) CD
February Oceans b/w Love Dies (2002) 12" single
Today b/w Hotlife (2005) 12" single
Dysfunctional Ante Colony (2005) CD
Get Ready b/w Hotlife (2005) 12" single
The Sun Beckons (2006) CD
Blunts n' Roses EP (2008)
Blunts and Roses (2009) CD
Penuckle's Day Off (digital download) Single



Penuckle aka Tim Rivers uses his real life experiences from childhood on-with no embellishment. Using hard-hitting to subtle kicks and snares over abstract to jazzy melodies, the lyrics are gently layered with clever word-play and simplicity. Since the age of seven, peers and relatives would beckon a then very small child who would become Penuckle to rhyme or beat-box. At this time Run DMC; Rakim; Beastie Boyz; LL Cool J were the major influences of any aspiring rapper of that circa. In junior high, Penuckle at age 13, finally found the name...that he would stick with, after watching the movie "BeBe's Kids" when the name was used in a joke. Around the same time, Nas, Freestyle Fellowship, DJ Quik, and Public Enemy would play a role in Penuckle's fast evolving lyricism. "When hip hop really took me into the culture, when I knew I really belonged, was when 92', 93' hit." (Penuckle) He would go on to release an album independently in 99' and again in 2005. Both on the independent market peddling product from the trunk. In 2006, then signed to now defunct Basement Records, his national debut "The Sun Beckon" would turn more than a head or two as he gained rave reviews from well established and respected press. In the middle of the momentum, the label due to mismanagement lost its footing and subsequently its roster. It would take Penuckle nearly three years to work a 9 to 5, save, record, and release his fourth album Blunts and Roses. Songs from the album have been licensed to video game co.'s, movies, and MTV series G's to Gents amongst others. The music speaks for itself. And Penuckle represents the collective known as "The People." He doesn't bombard the ears with false testimony of crime and drugs and pimps and ho's and fast cars. Instead he makes inquiry of things and renders his observations on regular everyday life. Penuckle is the Now.