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""Justin David Myers as his stage presence Point One"Capone Dub Entertainment"

therealpointone.blogspot.com - Capone Dub Entertainment


the first album that i chose to copyright was My album Single by my stage presence of Point One in 2010
to be followed by the second Album named Married By Point One/Justin David Myers/Capone Dub Entertainment

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Justin David Myers
Present mailing address -681 la vista court, Arroyo Grande, CA, 93420- (805)-610-2470(vacation) (805)801-3591

All I could ever want is for my music to reach one person in a good way …


Music-family-and life
Music in me started as early as music itself , I was blessed to have had a family of people who could teach me to bring something out of myself I love and hold as close to me as my heart. I have music on both sides of my family and have been on the equipment as early as I remember and have been writing since I knew how , so where there is a lack of performances/or education on this resume, I feel it adequate to put in, music-family-and life, seeing that that music to me, just cant be learned off hand, it has to be in a person, real music and the truest of artists know that music and art is just that, Music and Art…so with that said, I’ve been recording music all thru the years, so where there might not be a lot written, there’s a 95-100% chance something was either recorded or wrote, thank you for taking the time to read my resume…

From 1985-1997

1997-1999-Music-family-life along with righting poetry in class
-7th grade in the Judkins middle school, Pismo beach, ca
Marching band, trumpet and snare drum
-7th&8th grade in the Paulding middle school, Arroyo Grande, ca
During that same time period I started personal recording in local studios

-between 99 and 2000
did a freestyle performance with shordell and PI at a party on the farm land in the mesa/ oceano califonia

-I did a performance at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I don’t know what the show was for, but I was able to say one bar and they cut the Mic and took me off stage, I never did get an answer,
-I was asked to right a song for the Center (a health center in san Luis Obispo county)
-While in a juvenile detention center in san luis Obispo county, I wrote a few poems for a group of people who made a type of newspaper for us(juvenile’s who were in jail)to have something, to give us a way out.
-dangerous syndicate opened for Kurupt at pozo saloon, I didn’t have to perform to be in that concert , I went with and as a part of the group, but broke off and ended up knowing the DJ and other personnel.

-Silverado High School
I was an active member in lyrical battles during breaks –I brought the music, the stereo, and preformed

-College in Chula Vista, CA @ southwestern college for comm. Music production and recording

Became a member of ASCAP as a writer as Justin David Myers and a publisher as Capone dub entertainment
-sound tech @ lakeside worship center in Elizabethtown, Ky 42701

2010 to present
-Copy wrote my first album named Single by Point One # PA 1-723-437 effective Oct 19th, 2010
-also around the same time copy wrote my second album titled: Married by Point One
-preformed three singles from my album named single on oct.31st
In arroyo Grande , CA
-I preformed at my fathers wedding as of his request..

Reference are available on request

Sites I’m on –
The best and direct link is to my bookmark page @ http://www.delicious.com/point_one
That should have my links to MySpace, face book, YouTube, twitter and my BlogSpot, but if not, on face book I’m Justin David Myers or point one, on MySpace I’m Point One, you can find me on YouTube if you search -point1caponedubbent, and on twitter my name is- therealpointone, to read some of my lyric’s and poems, you can find me @ http://www.therealpointone.blogspot.com
Music- www.soundcloud.com/point-one also at http://www.jango.com/music/Point+One
You can also search or google caponedubbent-

Thank you again for taking the time out to read a brief description of my musical history..