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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States | INDIE

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Soul


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"PRO [The Need To Rebel Interview] [Watchmen Interview Series #3]"

If BlackMask was the man we needed to discuss the business side of things for the Watchmen, then Ricardo Antonio Rodriguez aka Pro is the man we need when we want to shine our light on the music or the production for this talented bunch. And when it comes to talent, then his do-and-try-it-all approach comes across as being effortless. Whether we are talking beats, rhymes, graphic design, singing, engineering, … Pro seems to be doing it all and to great result.

In the third instalment of our Watchmen series we get to know more about how Pro (who was born in NY) ended up in Florida and met up with the others, what his musical merits were before the formation of the crew and how he started making beats. Furthermore we take a look at his broad scale of musical influences, how they shine through in the wide range of styles he embraces when sitting behind the boards, his upcoming solo album and we even daydream about forming an all star rock band to record a rock album with. Want to know all this and more? Then dive into Pro’s “The Need To Rebel” interview and as always: enjoy!!

I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

Wu-International: Peace Pro, how are you?
Pro: Peace fam. It’s an honor to be here. I’m feeling good thanks. I’m excited the double is out and ready to get out on the road with my team and Bully!!!

Wu-International: Let’s talk a bit about you first: you were born and raised in Washington Heights, NYC. So how did you get with the Watchmen, a Florida based crew?
Pro: I was born in Dub H (Washington Heights), like almost all of my family, but not raised there. When I was a kid, my mother felt that by joining the Army my brother and I could have
a better life. So living in different states and countries for no more than 2 years at time, New York -when I visited- was the only thing I could recognize as my home. Before High School my mother finally left the military and I found a new home, West Palm Beach, Florida. That’s where the family you know as Watchmen formed.

Wu-International: You were raised by a Dominican family and soaked in Latin culture and music. Would you say this influenced your music and could we say e.g. the percussion, guitars and vibe in the “Cruising” track with Aileen Rosario is a good example of this influence?
Pro: Yeah I’m Dominican and you can definitely hear the influence in that particular song, but my Latin influence goes deeper than the obvious sounds and is subconsciously present in
everything I create.

Wu-International: Now that we are discussing your music, I must say I enjoy your style a lot. Modern day hip hop producers lose themselves in commercial hip clean sounds and seem no longer interested in originality. You are one of the few upcoming producers who manage to combine a very modern sound with varied and exciting styles and beats. How would you describe your style?
Pro: First off, thanks for the compliment fam. My sound is hate it or love it and I appreciate that you prefer the latter.

I think my style is simply out of the box. Anybody on the team will tell you, I have a problem with authority and rules. I think that reflects in my music. The problem I’ve noticed with
producing in today’s industry is that most real producers are so hungry to get on and be the next “go to” producer, that they conform and forget that to be that producer, you need a “go to” sound that only you can give. I’m no exception, and I’ve fallen victim to the same pressure in my career. It’s only in letting go of the fear of your sound not being approved that you can truly create something new. It’s a blessing that my need to rebel against the norm would pay off the way it is now…(Ha Ha).

Wu-International: When making beats for a project do you have a concept, artists or theme in mind for a particular track, what’s your creative process like, how do you approach each track?
Pro: Of course each track is different, but creation is always the same. Through all of the different genres of music I’ve come to love in my life, one thing is certain. Percussion is the heart! It all starts wit that boom bap. The rest flows according to my mood or the project in front of me. Producing outside of WATCHMEN the artist is always in mind, although most of the artists I’ve worked with come to me when they are ready for a new sound. I create that using all the elements that make them unique and try to translate it in the form of music.

Wu-International: Do you like to use a lot of live instruments or does most of your music come from a keyboard?
Pro: I would love to use more live instruments, but I try to find newer ways to create sound. When I do get the itch for the pure live sound though, I usually create it digitally as a reference to send. I have a family full of well known musicians in the industry to collab with including my extended family Legion Of Kaos. Creative outlets are not something we lack in this movement.

Wu-International: You produced about half of the tracks on the double album, showcasing a wide scale of styles. Was this a natural choice as you seem to be interested in and influenced by all types of music?
Pro: Both. Yeah you can call it a natural choice. My range of music influences definitely come to light in this album, but this was a collectively influenced album by all of us. In this album we chose to be more musically free than in our first album, POWER.

Wu-International: You mention influences ranging from RZA to Run DMC, from Michael Jackson to Billy Ocean and from Journey to Billy Idol. Is there anything you don’t listen to?
Pro: Polka??? Nah..Some of that is hot to. (Ha Ha Ha…) I’m weird like that fam. My playlist in my Blackberry is titled WTF.
I think as a producer you have to know music in as many forms possible. I don’t hide what I like, I embrace it. To love anything truly you have to love all of it truly. The artists that influence me most became legends for having the same values. A great man named Robert F. Diggs said, “Producing music is like playing an instrument — it’s an expression of yourself”, and “Creativity is always unique, because it’s you.” Wu-Tang Clan is a prime example of expression with no fear. WATCHMEN show you the good, the bad, and the ugly now, in a time where music radio/media has almost no room for anything real or with any substance.

Wu-International: Which General and which Wu album influenced you most?
Pro: That would be RZA, hands down that influenced me the most. I think it was watching his pure, raw talent that is still taking him higher and higher to date. His fearless production style and hardcore words of wisdom played the biggest role. I remember when they FINALY aired the Triumph video on TV. I watched, what I imagine, was every member’s personal choice of how they visually wanted their verses to be seen. I patiently waited for RZA’s verse/vision to come on. As he walked through that W with the black wings, (March of the Wooden Soldiers…) from that day on any doubt that I ever had about being born for this was gone. There in, making Wu-Tang Forever my favorite Album!

Wu-International: Billy Idol, Journey …would you ever be interested in doing a rock album?
Pro: Definitely!!! I’m all for any creative, hard, emotional music. I think that rock music was the first time I heard music that could be hardcore and melodic at the same time. Rock, R&B, and Hip-Hop music growing up had soul and I think that’s what’s missing in most of today’s music. It’s empty!

Wu-International: Let’s say you get a no limit budget to form an All Star rock band to do that album with. What would your line-up be for that band?
Pro: Wow…I’ve never thought of that. Let me lay it out like this:

Cindy Blackman (Lenny Kravitz): Drums…..She’s Bananas wit sticks
Flea (Chile Peppers): Bass……Insane Presence/ Ridiculous Solos
Slash (Guns N Roses): Guitar…Living Legend
Tom Morrello (Rage Against the Machine) Guitar……Sick/Unique
David Guetta: DJ/Producer……Amazing talent and just 2 kick the norm in the ass!

Wu-International: Let’s focus shortly on the early days. Apparently you started making music at age 11 but had problems with reading notes? Paul McCartney has same problem so no worries there, you’re in good company. Do you feel this is an advantage as it perhaps gives you more freedom?
Pro: Absolutely… Although, I have a lot of respect for musicians and music education, for me it felt like mental imprisonment! When you feel what you want to hear, but you have some one telling you it’s not musically right, what does that mean? Are you wrong or is the law of music wrong? My answer is neither one is wrong. If you can make the world’s most innovative masterpiece by simply listening to what your ears love to hear, YOU ARE A MASTER. If you can put together the greatest combination of notes to form a masterpiece, then YOU ARE A MASTER.

Wu-International: When you were 14 years old you were doing work for Cut It Up Def Records. That’s impressive for a young teenager. What did you do exactly?
Pro: Nothing major. It was pivotal, for the simple fact that it was my first real encounter of the business of making music. I was close friends in school with the owner’s daughter. They lived down the street from me and I was in a local group with a freestyle artist that was signed to the label. So they invited me over to meet her dad the owner Bob Smith, and also multi-platinum producer Jim Jonsin (DJ Jealous J at the time). Bob took me under his wing for a bit and taught alittle about the business. I became a regular around the house and I started off just working with one of their producers Alex on some freestyle projects on the MPC and sat in on a few sessions to soak up as much as possible of what the Florida music scene had to offer.

Wu-International: After this you worked for an indie record label that quickly folded. What happened then till you met up with the Watchmen?
Pro: I went on to start producing for a few local groups including joining one, Unknown Soldiers, where I met The Cipher. One week our manager locked down, what we thought would be, our breakthrough performance opening up for the Lost Boyz at a local Hip-Hop spot Club Boca. Tragically, the weekend before the show, their manager informed ours the following weekend that Freaky Tah had been shot and killed. R.I.P. Freaky Tah. Our group dissolved shortly after that.

I later joined another group in 2004 B.A.M (By Any Meanz) but we parted ways in 2005, I met 7th 7ign and Prox later worked on a single from his 7th Hour street album “7 Elements”. The next year we linked up with BlackMask and we formed WATCHMEN.

After the POWER album, it seemed like I was cursed with groups breaking up when WATCHMEN parted ways in 2006. So, again, I continued to focus on producing. In 2008, I was approached by a producer manager who heard of my production and was interested in my work. He linked me up with Fentz, owner of Iconz Music, to have a listen to my production. A few days later, I joined platinum producer, Gorilla Tech, as the other half of Drum Majorz. After some contract negotiations, I declined their offer and continued producing on my own. Although I was still determined to succeed, things looked darker then before.

Then it was like the planets aligned just right in 2009 when the WATCHMEN reformed stronger and better. In my eyes, making 2010, The year of the WATCHMEN.

Wu-International: OK. Back to today, the double album is finally out and the Power album is getting released in November. How would you compare the two albums music wise?

Pro: Musically the double is mature and shows the growth and freedom that we felt getting back in the studio after we split. I think between the years of the two albums, we all grew into what was needed to make the group work. To compare them is almost impossible for me, but oddly enough, the appreciation for the music on the POWER is well received now as opposed to 2006. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

Wu-International: Which album of the two would you call your favourite and why?
Pro: Definitely the Double LP. I think it defines us as an innovative force to be reckoned with. It proves that as an album and a team that, if any entity could replenish the thirst the world has for real hip-hop, it’s the WATCHMEN. In order to bring it back from where the Hip-Hop industry stands, not only do you have to re energize the old die hard fans, but recruit new ones. I think today’s youth have been denied the pleasure of discovering what real hip-hop is the way I did. I think we give them that chance.

Wu-International: Did you do all the production on the Power album? If not, who was also doing tracks on there?
Pro: Actually I didn’t do any production on the power album, but the beats are hard. Analog, one of BlackMask’s producers, produced the entire album. In every group I’d been in before then, production was my responsibility. For this album I got to focus as an artist only.

Wu-International: On the double album some other tracks were provided by fellow Watchmen Blackmask and 7th 7ign plus people like Soul Professa, Joe Beatz and Weirdo etc. Did you chose those producers on your own or together with the other members?
Pro: We chose the producers together except for our solo tracks. This album was our collective expression of WATCHMEN, so it reflects a little of all of us.

Wu-International: Any particular reason you got those other producers on the album? The three of you show enough talent behind the boards so what was the benefit of adding others?
Pro: It was definitely just the right sound for us. Joe Beatz has an amazing and more modern sound to his style of production, while Weirdo is the epitome of that hot boom bap production that takes you back. It just felt right from the gate to us.

Wu-International: About the various features: did you have a song specifically in mind for each guest or did you let them choose a beat?
Pro: As a group we had these tracks tailor fit for the features. Although they had the freedom to “get it in” however, it was a marvel to hear it fall into place so perfectly.

Wu-International: Apparently Blue recorded her verse over the phone, can you tell us how that came about and the whole experience of that song as it’s one of my favourites on there?
Pro: (Ha Ha Ha…) a lot of people didn’t take us seriously at first. What I mean by that is, they didn’t understand how fast and far we could move. So with Blue Raspberry we were pressed for time to receive her vocals for the track. BlackMask and I were in the studio discussing the deadlines we had on the table. That’s when we came up with having her sing it over the phone, as a joke. The more we joked, the more we realized it was actually a good idea. A hip-hop track, with a 20’s phonograph sound? In our talks with Blue before, she sang some of her new material for us a few times. Her voice was reminiscent of that already; she’s always had a very classic sound. So we called her on the blackberry, connected the input, and we were coincidently able to capture that classic sound on “Apocalypse”.

Wu-International: Classic indeed, so which guest did you enjoy working with most?
Pro: That was definitely Cappadonna. Before we reunited on this album, I was managed by Honor (Iron Sheik) of Honor Management who also managed 7th 7ign and Cappadonna. I heard a lot of good things about Cappadonna through them and was excited to work with him. I was not disappointed. Out of everyone on the album and everyone I‘ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with in the Wu, Capp was the most humble, grounded and professional of all. It also marked another check on my “Bucket List” …produce a track for a Wu-Tang Clan Member. (Ha Ha.)

Wu-International: Any interesting/funny/Spinal Tap like studio anecdotes you want to share with us?
Pro: Too many to name one. That’s an everyday thing with us. A day with the WATCHMEN is always an event. But I’ll say this tho… Boooooom!!!!!! (Ha Ha) –the WATCHMEN know what I mean by that

Wu-International: Ok, who do you get along with the best, or rather, who within your group is the easiest person to work with?
Pro: I get along the best with BlackMask. What makes us work is that we have the same drive and work ethic. We both believe in what we do without falter.

I would have to say Eclypse is the easiest to work with though. We worked together on the “Not Living” track. It was the first time we got to collab, just the two of us, as vocalist and it was effortless. The ideas bounced off of us so easily, but we poured ourselves out fully on that track. I think when people hear it, they’ll experience it the way we did.

Wu-International: Guess you saw this one coming, who is the hardest then?
Pro: (Ha Ha Ha…) that would be 7th 7ign!!! The only reason he is the hardest to work with is that you’re too busy laughin’ at his ass to get any work done. 7 is the comic relief of our family. You can always count on him to have something funny to say about somebody. Of course, we are no exception.

Wu-International: What’s your favourite track on the album and why?
Pro: It’s hard to name a favourite, but “Touch of Death” is the track that I think symbolizes what WATCHMEN stand for.

Wu-International: You’ve got a solo album coming out titled “I need therapy”. How should we interpret this title? Should we start getting worried?
Pro: Only if things you don’t understand worry you. (Ha Ha …) I’m like most people. I’m in a constant battle with both sides of myself at all the times, musically and personally. Everybody has good moods and bad moods, but mine are just more extreme. Some might say, “PRO is cool, easy to talk to, and down to earth.”, while others will say, “PRO is a arrogant, paranoid, asshole, ticking time bomb waiting to go off if he hasn’t already!” So, I found that I can keep a better mental balance, by letting go in my music, without trying to mask either side. Everything you hear from me, is me. Unapologetic and uncensored! Most people can only be that with their spouses or therapists. My therapist is the mic. So “I Need Therapy”, in essence, was always going to be the name of my album.

Wu-International: Can you tell us something more about this solo album as in features, release date,...?
Pro: I can’t talk about the features as of yet, but it will definitely be a 2011 release to remember.

Wu-International: What style can we expect? The first track “Go” shows a totally different Pro. A track with 100 % singing instead of rapping. Can we expect an entire album in this style?
Pro: Who knows, but I don’t see myself committing to only either singing or rapping on an album. In its most honest reflection of me, you can expect that this album will be dynamic. Unfortunately / fortunately, depending on how you may view it, I’m unconventional in life and music. Some will love it, some won’t and some will like it but pretend that they don’t!

Wu-International: Anything else coming in near future?
Pro: You can expect a lot to come from this movement. We have the Legion of Kaos Compilation, solo albums, and the third instalment of the WACTHMEN. We go hard and we are a team that is not willing to take 2nd place. All or nothing!

Wu-International: You guys set up the Legion of Kaos movement a short while ago. What opportunities do you as a producer hope to get from this movement?
Pro: The movement isn’t about receiving an opportunity, it’s about giving opportunity. Today’s industry is not making it easy to bring real music to the forefront. LOK is the light at the end of, what is seemingly, an endless tunnel. This is for artists with the talent and drive of heavy-weight champions, but that only have the resources of spectators. We are not structured to use our followers as a stepping stone as other so called movements, where the bottom is massive and the top is narrow. We are a true family circle. There are no corners here, no angles to keep 1 above the other, no false sense of equality when to them you mean nothing! Just the movement that is not WATCHMEN...but that is US! Seeing this idea materialize into reality is the benefit for me in itself.

Wu-International: In the review I suggested you’d do an entire album with Cappadonna as I liked how he sounded over your beat. What would you say about such a full on collabo?
Pro: BULLY!!! …Let’s do it Capp!

Wu-International: How would you approach such an enterprise?
Pro: I have so much respect for Capp that my approach would really fall at his feet. Don’t get me wrong, I have my own ideas for …say…The Pillage II (Wink). Seriously it would be an honour and I would definitely approach it with a more raw style of my production to enhance his already raw and unique form of delivery.

Wu-International: In the first interview BlackMask already mentioned you guys would like to offer Cappadonna a budget to do The Pillage 2 . Maybe way too soon to ask but any developments so far in that department ? And if it takes off would you be producing the album then?
Pro: Again, thanks for the love on how I create, fam. Right now, I'm not involved in any dealings in that situation. I also don't know who would be producing the project if it came about. However, I can say that it would be a tremendous honour, nonetheless, to even be considered as a producer for this project.

Wu-International: Would you ever consider dropping an instrumental album or do you prefer to always work with vocalists?
Pro: Actually I’ve become more interested in instrumental albums, lately. I try to make music that speaks for itself and emits emotion on its own. Movie scoring is also another goal on my “Bucket List”, so only time will tell.

Wu-International: Thanks, anything else you would like to share with the fans that have not been covered already? Shout outs?
Pro: To whom it May Concern: What you put in a box will stay in a life outside of it. Cuz in the end when this life is over, we all get the chance to go right back into one.
BULLY!!! to WATCHMEN and all the fans that support us, Legion of Kaos and it’s supporters, PCE Nation, Allegro, Wu-Tang Clan, Wu-Tang Management, All my friends and family supporting the movement, and last but not least Wu-International for fully supporting us and acknowledging what we do. Peace. - Wu-International

"The Watchmen are on a Mission to restore the faith in the Wu brand, with an exceptional self-confidence and the ambition to single-handedly save the Hip-Hop art form from the commercial coma it’s in at present day… Which is great news of course but do th"

Hailing from Florida, this collective decided to debut to the world with a double album … which is always a tricky one , no matter what musical genre. As they had more than enough quality tracks to choose from and couldn’t agree on what to leave out, the Watchmen decided to say : “ Fuck it, let’s just do this and go double !”
After listening to this album over and over again ( double albums take time to sink in fully as I’m sure you will agree) I can only cheer this brave strategy as they definitely have got enough dopeness under their belt to convince anyone out there of their combined talents.

Lyrically all rappers in this collective hold their ground seemingly effortlessly, not one comes out as being a weaker link: 7th 7ign, BlackMask, Cipher, Eclypse , Pro and Prox … after hearing this album everyone will have a favorite , none will be left out. Personally I had a déjà-vu experience : just as in the early nineties when first hearing the Wu, on every track I’m intrigued to try and recognize each voice, flow and style and put the correct name on it. For once I’m glad you can’t find their lyrics anywhere on the net yet, leaving me the full pleasure of discovering more and more with each listening session. Just one example of how much these guys believe in their talent: “If I needed one” . You might think when seeing the title, this could be about anything really. But it is a great statement as they are simply talking about the chorus/hook. The moment the chorus should kick in , the beat drops, you get an extremely effective organ and flute while Blacmask goes “ This is where the hook would’ve been if I needed one. Watchmen, motherfuckers and we’re number one” . All the while you hear someone in the back desperately screaming : “Where is the hook ? WHERE IS THE HOOK ?!?” Classic from the first time you hear it, believe me.

Production wise they leave a very solid impression: biggest contributor of the group here is Pro, a talent we’ll be enjoying for years to come , with the ability to revitalize mc’s with his inspiring beats. Just listen to Cappadonna reinventing himself on Assassins. ( If you read this, Cappa: get in the studio with the man and kick up an entire album asap: You won’t regret it !)
But not only Pro gets behind the boards, also Blackmask and 7th Sign take up duties . I must say that Blackmask comes out best of the latter 2 as I feel 7th convinces me more behind the mic.

Wu symbolism is to be found throughout this album to any Wu fan’s pleasure: e.g. the group name not coincidentally starting with a W, 18 tracks on each disc giving us 36 chambers to explore, kung fu samples throughout the discs, the Wu-Mama intro on disc 2, Wu and Killa Bee references all over, official approval by Cappadonna on “Assassins, … plus I wouldn’t be surprised if they have aimed at making a 2010 version of the legendary “Liquid swords” track from GZA and RZA when they did “Throw your hands up”. Just listen to the synth intro and the short keys building the musical background just as in 1995 track. Brave ànd dope, what more can one ask for ?
Highlights … Where do I start ??? After extensive listening I can say from all 36 tracks there are about 4 I didn’t really feel and would skip if necessary. The rest of the bunch ranges from good to impressive: covering everyone’s desires with furious bangas, sweet love songs, deep Knowledge tracks, party anthems, summertime jams, …
If I had to name some personal favorites I’d go for “Assassins”, “Touch of death”, “Apocalypse”, “2010”, “Man in the Mirror”, … and the list goes on to be honest.

Final conclusion:
I hope the team behind the Watchmen finally stops postponing the release date, this is something everyone needs to hear as quickly as possible , period ! Cop this instantly upon release, it’s too good to let this pass you by. It’s not yet the classic album I’m convinced they have in them somewhere in the future but it sure gets close enough for now.
Feel free to (dis)agree.
- Wu-International

"Wu-tang Clan Affiliate Group "Watchmen" Gear Up For A September 14th Worldwide Release."

Jul 26, 2010 – Florida Hip Hop Group WATCHMEN is ready for the world stage with releases of "Banga" and "Hero" featuring Eclypse that's dropped online worldwide on June 27, 2010. Reviews are coming in and the outlook seems promising for the group. A deal with Live Nation is in the works with a scheduled 25 city promotional tour.

The group's leader, BlackMask weighs in, "We came up with the concept of a group reminiscent of Wu Tang. We appreciated what they've accomplished and thought it would be a good business move to get involved in the Wu Movement. Getting this opportunity with Live Nation also positions us for the world and I can't wait to meet our fans and represent for South Florida."
"Banga" showcases all five emcees BlackMask, 7th 7ign, Prox, The Cipher and Pro. The single was produced by Grammy nominated duo Kimo Kaulani & Geri King, and Devon Sabatier for Audio Blueprint/Khepera Records. ”Hero", the 2nd single was produced by Pro for Prostream Beatz.
With two singles out, support from rap's pioneers, and a Live Nation deal pending, they are focused on superstardom and showing the world that South Florida is a breathing ground for raw talent.

To listen to the tracks, please visit

Wuwatchmen on twitter

The 5 man group, composed of South Florida natives, has 20 years of combined experience in the hip hop industry. The official debut double album, Wu Tang Management Presents: WATCHMEN is slated for a September 14, 2010 release. Watchmen is preparing for a 25 city US promotional tour. For booking information, please contact WuTang Management at 917-674-4831. - PR Log

"The Watchmen Vs. The Lost Children of Babylon Interview Series @ Wu-Tang International"

This month marks the release of a number of albums, especially this week: "Wu-Tang management presents The Watchman" double album finally drops (12th of October) as well as The Lost Children of Babylon (Wu distant cousins who not linked to the Wu but have the same fan base due to numerous reasons and associations), whose 4th album "Zeitgeist: The Spirit Of The Age" drops today the 19th of October digitally with the physical CD and DVD expected to drop on November 2nd via Soul Kid Records/Chambermusik. We had to point out that LCOB are not directly affiliated with the Wu so there would be no confusion or hate mails coming from the fans :) and while the Watchmen's position currently remains unclear within Wu's canopy, the group's latest effort is being put out by Wu-Tang management and all your queries, concerns and rumors will be addressed on the interviews. Regardless of where the wind blows after this, one thing is for certain, both groups are here to stay, within or outside of the Wu. Wu-International will be having a Watchman and LCOB interview series: beginning this week every Thursday will feature an exclusive interview from a member of The Lost Children of Babylon, and every Tuesday will be a member from The Watchmen. As it is Tuesday already, for this week only we will kick this off on a Wednesday instead. First things first, we will be starting with "The Abbott" of The Watchmen Black mask on the "Behind The (Black)Mask Interview" and on Thursday we will be joining the founding member and leader of The Lost Children of Babylon Rasual Allah on "The Face of the Golden Falcon Interview". Find out more about both groups, how they all started, how Wu influenced both groups, if they are part of the Killah Beez or not, their latest albums and future. Both groups are not linked to each other in any way whatsoever either, it just so happens that we have planned to publish both interview series this month they both release their albums, hence the comparison. So what do you know about both groups?

Find out more by going directly to and join us every Tuesday for The Watchmen and Thursdays for LCOB interviews. Enjoy!! - Wu-International

"Wu-Tang Management Presents: Watchmen Album Shocks Critics And Gets Rave Reviews Around The World."

West Palm Beach, FL, December 26, 2010 - Wu-Tang Clan affiliate group "Watchmen" released their double LP worldwide October 26th 2010.

If you haven’t heard of Wu-Tang Clan’s newest affiliate group called the “Watchmen” then you must be under a rock. This group has been making their presence felt over the internet with their two disc set that comes with 36 electrifying tracks. The members of this affiliate group are BlackMask, 7th 7ign, Prox, Eclypse, Pro and Cipher. The group hails from West Palm Beach, Florida; which is a rarity in the Wu family. Here’s what some of the critics have to say. – “2010 AMG Top Pick” – “The Watchmen are on a Mission to restore the faith in the Wu brand” 4 out of 5 stars. – “The New Wu Superheroes” 4 out of 5 stars. – “The bread and butter of the LP, though, is the group's ability to rip almost any track thrown their way” 8 out of 10 stars. – “An underground group that we really like is the Watchmen from Wu Management”.

Broward News Times – “Nearly every reference to the Watchmen trumps them as "Wu-Tang Affiliates," and with the RZA's cousin John "Mook" Gibbons and Wu-Tang management steering the group, it's no stretch”

The Watchmen have also been on, Billboard Magazine as well as Source Magazine and have been the featured artist on Nokia’s website and featured artist three times on iTunes.

On January 11th 2011 they will be dropping another album called “Power” with unreleased music from 2006. The “Power” album, however, is available now on

A Japan tour is in the works as well as a tour documentary DVD that will be released by their parent label Platinum City Entertainment. The DVD has an August 2011 release date.

Google search term: wu watchmen or watchmen wu tang


The Watchmen are a 5 man and 1 women group hailing from West Palm Beach, Fl with an affiliation to Wu-Tang Clan. This group is the flagship act of parent label Platinum City Entertainment.
- I-News Wire


WATCHMEN - Assassination Order

Various Wu-Tang Artists - WU-NITED STATES: Swords of Glory

WATCHMEN - Wu-Tang Management Presents: WATCHMEN
(Double Disc)


PRO - I Need Therapy



Born Ricardo Antonio Rodriguez April 8, 1979 in Washington Heights (Dub H) the Dominican Republic of NYC. The conditions in his family would not allow for new life so he was sent to a humble, caring and loving, Dominican family. There he was raised in the strong culture and atmosphere of Latin music. He would begin experimenting with his own sound of R&B and Hip-Hop realizing his love for creating sound at age 11. At this tender age he tried to learn to read music, but was unable to focus on strict rules of notes. Mr. Original, Fresh-Air, and The New Formula are only a few names used to describe “PRO” by some of todays top A & R’s and artists. There began the journey.

Raised with almost no common interest in his family music culture, PRO created his own culture through creativity and developed his own perspective when viewing the rest of the world. At 14yrs old PRO was doing work wit Cut It Up Def Records, also the launching pad for platinum producer Jim Jonsin. There he worked wit Splack Pack and other freestyle projects. Then signed to an indie record company owned by Freestyle artist Jonny O. Unfortunately his company fell apart and left PRO back at the drawing board. Fortunately it was the very thing that drove him to take matters into his own hands. Since High School he developed and still maintains a faithful following delivering fire production to unsigned and signed artist from Florida to California.

Under the radar for all this time to the public, now the producer, artist, poet, and actor, is ready to be released. Driven by his own desperation to express, PRO is becoming one of the most widely used entities in the industry and now recognized as an up and coming artist/producer and former member of Drum Majorz with Gorilla Tek, working with the likes of Universal, Universal Latino, Poe Boy, Bad Boy, and Shadyville. Now he is the "Go To" Producer for many other music industry organizations and has scored 7 indie films to date. He is also a member of 2010's most talked about Wu-Tang Affiliate Group Wu WATCHMEN.

The answer is right there, wrapped in plastic, downloaded, viewed, and heard along with his soul. You will find PRO is merely that missing or hidden part of you and now he is ready to finally complete this puzzle.

“What you put in a box will stay in a life outside of it. Cuz in the end when this life is over, we all get the chance 2 go right back into one”.

Peace and Love