The Realside

The Realside


Multi-instrumentalist producer with aliases for Pop/Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Post-Punk Alt Rock and R&B Blues songwriting projects.


Since 1997 playing/recording with some of Tennessee's finest musicians playing guitar/co-songwriter in the progressive jazz-rock fusion Nashville area quartet Canvas, to playing drums and singing lead in the punk-metal phenom Hot Lettuce, The Realside is a concoction spread out over years of diverse influences and the desire to construct memorable and crafty pop songs from a singer-songwriter perspective with an adventurous flair for creative hedonism. After relocation ensued in 2000, Upstate NY was made the home of Delvin Shade Music/ASCAP that began in Tennessee (Nashville/Memphis areas). Simultaneously recording various projects under different aliases (The Realside-experimental pop-rock, Guiltless Cult-Alternative & Heavy Rock.
Some influences include but are not limited to: Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Willie Nelson, Elliott Smith, Rufus Wainwright, Elvis Costello, Beck, Outkast, Timbaland, Rick Rubin, Andy Wallace, Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, Chris Vrenna, etc... The Realside is an equal opportunity enjoyer...


Talking In Circles

Written By: Terry McClain

I say please and you make someone else's day/ I say help me with a problem, you make me calculate/ I say love and you think I mean war/ If we keep going this way, I'll be dead for sure/ You got me spinnin round like a brain-fried jester right/ I say move and you pack your bags/ I say stay a little longer, you just watch the clock drag/ I aim to win now but you set me up to lose/ When my cards keep playing, you put me in those shoes yes you do/ You got me spinnin round like a brain-fried jester right/ You got me talkin in circles like I ain't got nothin inside/ I've had enough, but it's keepin me in check/ I know I must be crazy but it's better than all the rest/ Yeah, I've had enough, more than I can say/ If I keep up this charade I know I will be repaid for my lack of sense, yes I will (Chorus-end)

Have to Say

Written By: Terry McClain 2004

I finally asked to do no wrong, inside of me said it all along but what do I have to say, what do I have to do/ I'm finding it hard to do some good, in spite of it all I knew I would so what am I gonna do, what am I gonna say/ The pressure's all I seem to know, a badly beaten case stretched me out and then let go (and snapped back in to place/ First you are and then you fail then don't repeat again, that's not the way to win-2nd/3rd Choruses) I finally passed the counting mark, going too fast I only flaster so what do I have to do, what do I have to say/ Chorus/ I'm finding it sad I can't take off and leave like a place that never lifted...


Written By: (c)2000 Terry McClain

Some days when we walk up & down the street/ The hot sidewalk burning up our feet/ One for hunting for the game two for playing in the rain/ We choose what cats can meet their numbers/ We're losing our own war against hunger/ Three are playing in the back/ Three are waiting for a snack/ Five more try to stay alive/ Five more trying to survive/ Nine, is all we ever need/ My oh my why calico friend of mine/ You've stayed within royalty drinking wine/ Three are playing in the back/ Three are waiting for a snack/ Which way to the one life miracle/ Got to survive with your instincts animals/ Five more keeping four alive four with no way to survive/ Four more sent off to the vet five more need to be a pet (Chorus


Willett Comb, 2008.

Set List

Depends on the venue and required style of music the club allows/requests. The Realside sets have been mostly 45 minutes-2 hours in length