The Reals

The Reals

 Bunbury, Western Australia, AUS

THE REALS are a cool duo acoustic/electric rock band.

They play both original and cover material.

Man-made music ........ free from preservatives!

PS - we also now have electronic drums for TOTAL volume control. Suitable for small and intimate venues.


THE REALS play great cover material and originals capturing the essence of rock and numerous moods. From the relaxed work of David Gray and Sting through to numbers by Hendrix, Matchbox 20, The Police, REM, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Matchbox 20 and a few twists along the way you will experience a great night's entertainment from two guys who really go at it with no safety net.

Ian Cocker (vocals/electric and acoustic guitar/harmonica): born in England, learnt guitar at the age of 14 and played in bands in Johannesburg through high school and college. In ’96 Ian moved to Australia and continued gigging both solo and with a band called The Times. He has recorded numerous albums, the most notable being ‘Not Me’ in 2006, Polarity in 2009, and a movie soundtrack single (Faded Memories) in 2009. Ian was also one of the founder members of a popular local Southwest rock band called 3D.

Guy Slingerland (drums/percussion/vocals): born in good old Oz. Guy lived music as a professional drummer in bands such as The Expression, The Eurogliders and more recently with The Andy Court Band. As part of ‘The Times’ he worked on ‘Not Me’, ‘Polarity’ and the ‘Faded Memories’ single. With influences such as Stuart Copeland and Manu Katche he is a real crowd pleaser. Guy also played in 3D for its last year and a half.


No albums under THE REALS. Check out iTunes under Ian Cocker and IanCocker and The Times.

Set List

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