The Real Stormin Norman

The Real Stormin Norman


Blues Rock with a Randy Newman Mose Allison Biff Rose Pinetop Perkins Otis Span Roosevelt Sykes twist. Original songs with funky harmonic changes in boogie rhythm that tell stories. Free form improvisations in 8-to-the-bar rhythm.


Played in Stormin' Norman and Suzy band in the 70's and 80's, across the country, Europe; recorded on Polydor and Perfect Crime labels; national TV, media, Rolling Stone; played 10 years with clarinetist and mandolin maestro Andy Statman; starting solo career with a new cd (Every One Tells a Story) and band


8 Bridges

Written By: Norman Smiler Zamcheck

8 Bridges cross the Willamette
There may be more I do forget
And cars go arching in the sky
on freeways built on either side

A greensward hugs the western shore
Where skateboard boys rumble and roar
And familes stroll the esplanade
And old men throw out their fishing rods
I've only been here but a day
But soon I'll be three thousand miles away
And I'll fade, fade away
I'll fade away

Grizzled greybeards pass by on foot
Like they just walked out of the woods
The hissing of the trolley trains
Blends with the endless gentle rain
I know that I'll be back again
I just don't know exactly how or when

And I'll fade away, at the end of the day
Ill Fade away

I walked into a topless bar
they must have beamed her down from a star
A beefy babe with teased blond hair
Who did some business with a chair
A crescent moon above her breast
And I was free to dream the rest
And fade away
fade away

If man is but a thinking reed
There you will find me blowing proud and free
Then downstream I'll drift away
In the quick trip to night from day
But in that flash of green and blue
I'll treasure every memory of you

And I'll fade away at the end of the day
I'll fade away

(fade fade fade)

8 Bridges cross the Willamette
There may be more I'll cross em yet
And cruise that thruway in the sky
You know that I'll be by your side
Cross valleys rivers mountains plains
You know that I'll be back again
For you

And I'll fade away at the end of the . . .


Fantasy Rag Perfect Crime Records
Ocean of Love Polydor Record
Every One Tells a Story Abaraki Records

Set List

Sets about an hour, mix of classics (covers) and originals. Will structure sets to fit venue.
* = covers

Ocean of Love
Wastrel Bar
It was Time (to Leave the Island)
Happiness is a Hummingbird
8 Bridges
Everybody's Crying Mercy (Mose Alison)*
When a Man Loves a Woman*
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down *
The Tennessee Stud*
Nobody Knows YOu When You're Down and Out*
Lay Lady Lay (Dylan)*
Bury the Stars
Beggar in the House of Time