the Real Stormin' Norman

the Real Stormin' Norman

 New York City, New York, USA

Blues, rock, originals, centered on the hardcore piano and songs of Norm Zamcheck, a honky tonk Homer who has been playing up and down the East Coast and around New York City for over 25 years.


The Real Stormin' Norman is the songs, piano playing and vision of a unique artist who has been composing since childhood. The sound is driving blues rock with unpredictable harmonies, strong melodies and unforgettable lyrics. A conservatory drop-out, Norman fell in love with the playing of Meade Lux Lewis. Pinetop Perkins and other piano masters, along with Thelonious Monk, Otis Span and Mose Allison . He came to public attention as the pipe-smoking, hard-living founder of "Stormin' Norman & Suzy," a band that blazed through the northeast during the seventies and eighties, traveling from Boston to New York City to win national media attention and a major record deal. Married and the father of twins (soon to be three), he decided to quit the road, and went on to teach and supervise a series of tough inner-city high schools, always keeping up an active musical and composing life. In 2005 Norman began working with some of the great musicians with whom he had toured over the years, and recorded "Every One Tells a Story," on Abaraki record. Currently he is working with the Stormin' Band, featuring John (Gerry) Putnam. A new cd, "Matchbook Universe," will be completed in the fall of '09.


love Everlasting

Written By: Norman Smiler Zamcheck

Love Everlasting
(c) words and music 2005 Norman Smiler Zamcheck

Love everlasting
THough we are far apart you're still in my heart
Love everlasting
Though years may pass us by, our love will not die
Our love will not die
Our love will not die

Love, hope and glory
Though folks may have count them out, there is not a doubt
Love's brave old story
Though they seem weak and small, they may slip and fall
But love will conquer all,
love will conquer all

O, see, the smoke of ancient empires rise
Stars watch coldly from the skies
But our love will not die

It's love everlasting
It's a love with no beginning and no end
I will always be your lover and your friend
It's an insubstanial miracles that lingers on
Like a song


Written By: Norman Smiler Zamcheck

Wind comes from the north, from the east as well
Wind will start to howl, like the hounds of hell
And it's going to SNOW SNOW SNOW for a hundred days

Snow comes down so soft, like the finest lace
Snow will start to rage, burn across your face
And its going to SNOW ...

Take my darkest sins cold a.nd black as night
Let me rise again, cover me in white
And it's going to SNOW . . .

Snow snow snow snow snow
(I think it's never going to end)
Snow snow snow snow snow
Take away my yesterdays
O let it snow!

Since you went away
Sun fell from the sky
My heart turned to stone
Tears froze in my eyes
and it's going to SNOW . . .

Baby come back home to my house of dread
Melt this frozen heart raise me from the dead
And it's going to SNOW . . .

Snow snow snow snow snow
" " " " "
Wipe away my yesterdays
O let it snow!

at the Wastrel Bar

Written By: Norman Smiler Zamcheck


The girls are at their table set
to get whetever's theirs to get
Audrey thinks that men are pigs
But afterwords has a better gig

Antoinette is royalty
Her dainty features plain to see
But never stay with her alone
She'll shred your heart and she'll break your bones

Stormy longs for Esmeree
Her lovely eyes just look away
She's got another, it's not him
Her lover's name is heroin


It's SingSing time for Donny C
He's a Westie proud to be
He killed a man but that's no sin
He had it coming to him!

But give him just a year or two
And he'll be back on the avenue
At the candy store with all his friends
Where the all the good times never end


At the Wastrel Bar at the Wastrel Bar
Where all the named and noted are
To catch the hottest talent in the town
There's a columnist from the Daily News
A famous master of the blues
And many names and faces of
All are gathered here tonight to hear the sound and view the light
To soon reverberate across the land
Ah but soon the crowd will fade away
You've got to find a place to stay
The streets are wild and cold tonight
You can search with all your might
But you won't find love tonight
At the Wastrel Bar . .

Riley's eyes are burning bright with all the loot he'll make tonight
Crowds are lined up round the block
Soon he will be out of hock
Money pouring in from all hands
All because of the Stormy band
Just a bunch of stupid kids
Don;t know where their money's hid

At the Wastrel Bar at the Wastrel
Where all the named and noted are
To catch the hottest talent in the town
There's the manager of big time band
Major label A & R man
Many names and faces of renown
The second set will soon begin
Crowd from Max's wanders in
Night creatures drawn into the night
ah but soon the crowd will fade away
You have to find a place to stay
The streets are wild and cold tonight
You can seach with all your might
But you won't find love tonight

8 Bridges (Fade Away)

Written By: Norman Smiler Zamcheck

8 bridges cross the Willamette
There may be more I do forget
And cars go arching in the sky
On thruways built on either side
A greensward hugs the eastern shore
where skateboard boys do rumble and roar
and families stroll the esplanade
and all men throw out their fishing rods
I've only been here but a day
But soon I'll be three thousand miles away
And I'll fade away, fade away, fade away

Grizzled graybeards pass by on foot
Like they just walked out of the woods
The hissing of the trolling trains
Blends with the endless gentle rain
I know that I'll be back again
I just don't know exactly how or when

I walked into a topless bar
They must have beamed her down from a star
A beefy babe with teased blond hair
who did some business with a chair
A cresent moon above her breast
And I was free to dream the rest
And fade away, fade away
If man is just a thinking reed
Here you will find me waving proud and free
then downstream I'll make my way
in the quick trip to night from day
but in that flash of green and blue
I'll treasure every memory of you

8 bridges cross the Willamette
There may be more, I'll cross em yet
And cruise that thruway in the sky
you know that I'll be at your side
Cross valleys mountains fields and plains
You know that I'll be back again
For you

It Was Time

Written By: Norman Smiler Zamcheck

It seemed the gentle autumn days
were melting slowly in the haze
and I grew weary with the sea
despite the wealth it brought to me

I had a boat that knew no match
and I brought in a record catch
weighed and paid me on the dock
and I enjoyed my loot alot

But something broke or something bent and tangled up my merriment
and called me from the undertow
and told me it was time to go
time to go

It was time to leave the island
time to head out for the city
time to fire up your van
set your compass for dry land
say goodbye to smiling Dan
used to hang out by the ferry
never had a goal or plan
never had a mind to worry
BUT TIME was passing on, and on

You can go around the bend
to the point where the island ends
but you can't swim because you know
evil currents boil and blow

But at the bar night never ends
I like to hang out with my friends
and sometimes wail a drunken song
and all my friends just wail along

I gave em all a pail of fish
and every kind and generous wish
hugged me slapped em on the back
and swore that I would soon be back

It was time to leave the island
time to head out for the city
time to stow your mouldy gear
Take your dreams and leave your fears
there's a highway heading south
just pass the harbor's mouth
you can hear the traffic roar
as you near the golden shore

She was lovely wild and wise
I saw the whole world through her eyes
Eyes and lips and glistening hair
there was no pain or hunger there

and from our kingdom by the sea
we'd sit and dream of worlds to be
we'd be there eternally
me for her and her for me

But the wind kept telling me
some mixed up crazy fantasy
sang the words so sweet and strong
no one hangs around too long

It was time to leave the island
time to head out for the city
Time to take a final stand
cast your shadow on dry land
Say goodbye to Roadhouse Flo
used to sing so sweet and pretty'
Will we meet again? don't know
Maybe somewhere in the city


Stormin' Norman & Suzy Fantasy Rag Perfect Crime Records
Stormin' Norman & SUZY, Ocean of Love Polydor Records
Andy Statman Andy's Ramble Rounder Records
The Real Stormin' Norman, Every One Tells a Story,
Abaraki Records

Set List

Sets for The Real Stormin' Norman

We generally do a 1 1/2 hour -2 hour show,
but will always adjust to meet the needs of venue. The songs are mostly original, with one - two standards per set.

Set List
Crash and Burn Boogie Woogie (instrumental jam)
Ocean of Love (New Orleans funk)
The Scarab (Chicago Blues)
When the Tower Falls (New Orleans)
Every Day I Have the BLues (Muddy Waters)
Perspicacious Dr. Z (80's rock)
Bury the Stars (Grateful Dead Sound)
Fairytale (Latino/Rock)
Snow (blues)
Accounting Judy (Rock -in style of Pink Floyd)
Dreams of Hollywood (Rock)
Guadalupe (Latino - Rock)
Beggar in the House of Time (Blues)

We have a repertoire of 40 originals and the
same number of covers. Other covers include;
Grateful Dead, Beatles, Rolling Stones., Professor Longhair, Muddy Water, Ray Charles