The Real Time Debacle

The Real Time Debacle


The Real time Debacle is a project of frustration: frustration with bands and their members. I'm a percussionist who was looking for more sounds and fewer people to deal with. Real time percussion and Synthesizers henceforth: The Real Time Debacle.


My name is Jason Norman Wellsandt: my band? is The Real Time Debacle.

I play trap set and synthesizers at the same time.

The result is a sound of which I know not how to describe: "You never know just how you look: through other people's eyes" or in this instance: ears. The best I could say about it: would be that it is, for the most part, minimalist electronica.

In the case of this project, some my more noticeable influences would be: Tortoise, Venetian Snares, Zombi, Aphex Twin, Alfred Hitchcock, and the colors Black and White...


"Hangin Tree" 12" 45 record 25 copies: to be released very soon, well: as soon as they arrive! Also did a small run of cassettes: one from which, the songs "Reckless" and "Rabid" received airplay on WFMU.

"Prayers" currently unreleased: the follow up to "Hangin Tree" I've conceptualized a double seven inch 33 and cassette release for this: We'll see.

Both of these releases are for 2011

"Hangin Tree" is going to be released on my own label Confusion Valley? Recordings.

I'm getting tired of releasing my own stuff however, so: for the most part: I consider myself unsigned.