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The Reasonable Men

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Reasonable Men - The Reasonable Men (Self Released)"

A pocket sized five-tracker from The Reasonable Men, an alternative pop quintet from Vancouver, BC. With both keyboards and guitars to the fore, they spurn the current trend towards post-punk manoeuvres, but instead play their very catchy songs with a nod to early REM and, to a lesser extent, The Rain Parade. Indeed, a gentle paisley jangle pervades most of their material, and singer Alex Hudson adds his own distinctive vocal twist on standout tracks ‘Sad Sack O’ Bones’ and ‘Undersold’.

-- Rob F. - Leicester Bangs

"Lotus Child w/Words Over Music, The Reasonable Men"

"I really wish I'd shown up a little earlier for this show as the Reasonable Men would end up being the most interesting act of the night. (There was another opener, but I missed him entirely). Playing an entertaining set of melodic rock the Reasonable Men surprised me with both their skill and a diversity of influences which shows a lot of promise for such a young band. Drawing on bluesy guitar riffs one song and playing a countryish hoedown next they make for a solid opener."

--Jordie Yow, Nov 19, 2006

Full review available at - Streethawk Magazine


The Reasonable Men EP - 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Reasonable Men, an alternative pop band from Vancouver, Canada, trace their beginnings to Colin's living room in 2003, where he and Alex banged out a 12-song concept album based on Jim Roogle, a tragic hero from the Old West. The project was shelved indefinitely in 2006 when the two decided to recruit a few more members - the current 5-piece lineup is the result.

At a recent band practice, the Reasonable Men were asked to discuss the genre of their music. "I've been told some of our songwriting evokes a 60's feel, like the Beatles, or maybe the Beach Boys", offered Alex. "But we're not just about a 60's vibe" mentioned Nathan, in between bites of rice crisps. "I think some of our modern experimentation and quirky lyrics owe a debt to Pavement." "What about all the keyboard bits?" Colin chimed in, "there are definitely some synth pop elements to our sound, like the Dandy Warhols". "You're just saying that because you're the keyboardist" jested Ryan, "don't forget we use guitars, too, sometimes a bit funky, sometimes distorted." Evan, who had been listening thoughtfully in the corner, spoke up "you know what, I think you guys are all right. All of those elements come together to form our mongrel of a sound".

With that, the guys ended their animated debate, agreeing that their sound can best be described as “alternative pop”. The band's busy schedule of packed shows at venues like the Backstage Lounge and the Buffalo Club means the Reasonable Men are quickly making a name for themselves in the Vancouver music scene. With the recent release of their self-titled EP, it's easy to see that the band is moving towards something bigger.

"[T]he Reasonable Men surprised me with both their skill and a diversity of influences which shows a lot of promise for such a young band", says Jordie Yow of Streethawk Magazine, in a recent show review. And there's enough energy at their shows to power a mid-range refrigerator for three weeks. There's only one thing I can suggest:

Be reasonable.

- Bio by Eddie Griswold