The Rebel

The Rebel

 Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA
BandHip Hop

we make rebel music, some call it consious music we just make music that deals with event weather past or present. do you remember the time in hip-hop when you picked up the mic to say something positive or up-lifting well we bring the era back


We are "The rebel" featuring Shoval Head our influrence are the people who gave their life for our freedoms, and for our rights granted unde the constitution while being heavily influenceed by krs-1, chuck -d and public enemy, 2-pac, the eagles,acdc, kc and the sunshine band, just to name a few. the thing that set us apart is that we touch subjects that most people are bands are afraid of from songs like revoloution, dear lord, and respect to songs about losing a wife called happy home . lyrics from revolution... revolution and bush is the new pharoh/ murding your 1st born making sure theres now tomorrow/ making sure that moses never reaches the river


we the people our album we are set to shoot our video from the album in june we are working with a fellow artist on our independent lable kolobus ent

Set List

we useally start the set covering the album in order starting with the revoloution intro and ending with down and out the set last about 90 min