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The Rebellion

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE | AFM

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Rock




"" II is one of the better albums to be released this year.""

" The band has solidified their sound. Piano driven modern rock is the style of Rebellion, and it is music done right. Josh Palmer’s voice still sounds fantastic and his bandmates follow suit, showing off their talent with ease."

"The songs are stronger than the previous disc and much more enjoyable. The hard work that The Rebellion put into this record shows in the sound that is released. It’s obvious the band did not want to repeat their debut and deliver a stale sound, so they went to work and worked hard. The end result was worth it, as II is one of the better records to be released this year."

"II brings plenty of rock moments with it. The blend of brilliant guitar solo, Palmers magnificent voice and just the right amount of piano, drums, and bass solidify the music to perfection. II is one of the better albums to be released this year." - Rock and Roll Guru Blogspot

"The Rebellion, Time"

“Bringing the rock from the great white north, Canada’s fine act, The Rebellion, have released Time. Blending the styles of Coldplay, U2, and The Fray, The Rebellion are a modern rock act worthy of recognition. Their debut album, Time, is a showcase of just how grand The Rebellion are.”

--- Rock and Roll Guru Blog spot, April 2010
- Rock and Roll Guru Blog spot

"10 Favorite Album's of 2010"

"Canadian rockers, The Rebellion, released an exceptional album in Time this year. Blending the styles of Coldplay, U2, and The Fray, The Rebellion is a modern rock act worthy of recognition. Time, which is their debut album, is a showcase of just how grand the band is. With a modern sound worthy of everyday radio, powerful vocals, catchy hooks, and riffs that you will be singing along to, Time is worth seeking out." Rock and Roll Guru Blog Spot, December 27, 2010 - Rock and Roll Guru Blog spot

"The Rebellion prove they got it right!"

“It is the sophomore outing from The Rebellion that proves they got it right. Their relentless genre-borrowing eschews all pigeonholing (maybe even classification) and yields an eclectic album with simply too many facets to count. The tight technical work, the myriad of musical styles and the available musicality at their disposal has rendered a respectable final product” Chris West, Skope Mag . Com, Feb 2010 - Skope Mag . Com

"New Sound"

"The Rebellion a great new sound of rock."

Jeff Roberts - Live365

"Long and Fruitful Run"

Indie rockers The Rebellion cover a lot of territory in their new CD,
"Time," managing to be alternately thrashful and thoughtful. Guitarist
Silviu Moldovan sounds at times like Travis Stever of Coheed and Cambria,
but Rebellion pianist Josh Palmer also manages to summon the likes of The
Fray's Issac Slade on other tracks -- a virtual "180" of influences on the
indie-rock landscape. The result: A band with the potential to go in a
number of directions, even within the same disc. That sort of versatility
portends a potentially long and fruitful run. -- JamJar, The Bakersfield Californian 2/10
- The Bakersfield Californian

"Palmer Gets Em Dancin'"

Juno Fest 2007 was bumping but,Josh Palmer and his band The Rebellion were easily the highlight of the night! Sharing the stage with Juno Nominee's in Flight Safetly, it was safe to say that Palmer showed his potential far beyond the average Canadian Idol viewer got to see. The Rebellion got the place dancin'!

Star Pheonix, Sunday April 1st 2007 - The Star Pheonix

"Vive Le Resistance!"

by Craig Silliphant

The band: The Rebellion
The Players: Josh Palmer (guitar, piano, vocals), Silviu Moldovan (bass), Christian Kongawi (percussion)
The music:

It’s no secret around town that Josh Palmer is a multitalented musician and producer, but what many may not realize is just how mightily Palmer has struggled with his identity as an artist. He achieved fame before really starting his ‘serious’ music career, by appearing on “Canadian Idol,” making it into the final six in the third season of the mainstream television contest — something which changed his life for both better and worse.

The downside, obviously, was the “manufactured, TV show singer” label that’s thrust upon anyone who appears on a show like “Idol.” But that negative aside, Palmer’s Idol appearance (and the aforementioned identity struggles it provoked) ultimately put him on a musical path that’s now led to The Rebellion — a place where Palmer has reinvented himself, moving from singing idol to honest-to-goodness songwriting artist and band member.

The genesis of The Rebellion began when Palmer started jamming with multi-instrumentalist Silviu Moldovan. After realizing the chemistry that they quickly began to enjoy as performers was what he’d been missing throughout his career, they added drummer Christian Kongawi, and The Rebellion was born — after a very serious thought process about the band’s moniker, one should add.

“We brainstormed endlessly,” Palmer says, “in search of that meaningful name that would encapsulate our struggle to find our place in the world, musically and spiritually. At a personal level, I was expressing my inner struggles, my desire to break out of old molds, and step away from my Idol roots. It then dawned on me: ‘The Rebellion!’

“[The name also] brings together the struggles of my band mates as well. Silviu was born in Romania when the country was under communist rule. His parents escaped from the communist country and brought him to Canada, all along knowing that if captured, their lives would be at stake. Christian lived in the war-torn Congo until the age of ten, when conditions became so bad that his parents sent him and his brother to live with family friends in Canada. So, as you can see, The Rebellion goes well beyond anyone’s original intentions. It’s the story of our personal struggles to find our place in this world — together.”

Clearly, the boys put a lot a lot of work into the name — and that thoughtful, intelligent approach is equally evident in The Rebellion’s sound. Hard to pigeonhole or classify, it has a recognizable air about it — a familiar rock/pop music vibe — but one which also contains elements from a wide range of musical styles, incorporating soul, classical and a plethora of other influences.

After working hard to perfect that signature sound, The Rebellion have worked equally hard at taking it on the road, honing their live show to a sharp point that can only come from the experience of playing gigs night after night and bonding on tour. Road escapades can make or break the internal relationships of a band, and The Rebellion have had their share of adventures — including a Scooby Doo-style sleepover in a spine-chilling haunt.

“The craziest thing we’ve encountered on the road were the accommodations provided by a small town bar,” relates Palmer. “Our understanding was that we would be staying at the old town ‘hostel,’ which upon further inspection turned out to be the old town ‘hospital’. Yes, the old town hospital! Abandoned for the past ten years, this place was creepier than Rosie O’Donnell. We walked in to find not numbers on the doors, but the names of the deceased — we were given rooms at opposite ends of the hospital, but needless to say we all slept in one room.”

The Rebellion’s interests aren’t limited to piling into a van to tour and solve supernatural crimes — these guys really do live for music, both their own and that of other local acts. When Palmer and Moldovan met, for example, they quickly started their own recording studio off Broadway, christening it PM Recording Studio.

In addition to recording the likes of Saskatoon mainstays Smokekiller, Ultimate Power Duo and Golden Smoke, they’ve now cut the first Rebellion record, which will be released in a matter of weeks. With complete control from songwriting to production, it’s safe to say that Palmer and his bandmates have created an album they’re very happy with.

“From start to finish,” Palmer says, “the listener is taken on a journey. We were very happy with the way the songs came together, whether it’s with a classic movement at the end of a song, or a distorted industrial noise. The songs are connected in a way you may not expect, but [that connection] brings the album together tastefully.”

Though the album itself will follow shortly behind, The Rebellion are having a launch party on Friday, April 25th at Amigos, where they’ll be giving a sneak peek at the songs from the new record.

“The Rebellion,” says Palmer of their live show, “has been a vessel for us to express our true feelings of the world and the relationships we have within it. Live, we let go. We rock out. It’s a liberating feeling for us and the audience. We’re having so much fun on stage, and that transfers to the audience. Through this liberating sense I personally get from playing in The Rebellion, I feel completely honest in my writing and performing. There are no walls — you get in, and it’s our sincere wish that people join in and sing.”

- Planet S Magazine

"Audiences captivated"

"When Josh sings,
viewers are captivated by him. It is not his voice
alone, but his
to singing that is beautiful and unique in this

Caroline Colantonio


"Fearless Musician"

"Palmer is fearless. he
everything that makes him who he is on stage and
that's what rock and

Sandy Garcia
Metro news Toronto,ca

- Metro News Toronto


"Palmer doesn't need the show( Canadian Idol), he'll
go far being a mutli instrumentalist
and singin sensation."

Brian Wong
- Chartattack

"Palmer Real Deal"

"Josh, is the real Artist. He is the real deal,and
everyone should've voted for him!"

Jake Gold
Canadian Idol Judge ,
Gordon Downie ( of the Tragicaly Hip)'s Manager at The Management Trust
- Canadian Idol online


The Rebellion - TIME - 2008
The Rebellion - Self Titled - 2010
The Rebellion - II - 2011
The Rebellion -III - Scheduled Release September 2014



The Rebellion is a Musical Collective of some of Saskatoon's, most talented young indie artists. Nominated for Best Rock Song at 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Awards ( Hollywood California ), The Rebellion most recently opened for Legendary artist, PRINCE at his after party in Calgary on his December 2011 National Canadian tour, Performed at the 2012 Brier Gold Medal Game and have been showcased Nationally Live on CBC's On A Cold Road Concert Series.

The Rebel Alliance has gotten even stronger with its latest Russian Pianist, Ally V and dynamic Songwriter/guitarist Elias Edlunds. The Rebellion is lead by Virtuoso guitarist and singer Josh Palmer on Guitar, Piano and Lead Vocals, The Dynamic Christian Kongawi on Drums and Backup Vocals, and Enver Hampton ( Volcanoless in Canada Bassist ) on Bass and Backup Vocals. The approach the band uses to create its music and lyrics often calls upon the members past experiences, many of their commonalities to infuse the music with their own personal feelings and brotherhood/sisterhood, leading to songs that are often described as explosive. Their genre of music may be hard to pigeonhole or classify, but there is something familiar and recognizable about it because it contains elements from a wide range of musical styles, incorporating soul, rock, classical and a plethora of other influences.

Known for its dynamic live shows, Rockin Energy and poignant, thoughtful lyrics, they've released their second album II in 2011! Recently featured on CBC Radio, they were Broadcasted LIVE across Canada on the On a Cold Road Concert Series. Their Self Titled album was also named 1 of the Top 10 Albums of 2010 by Rock and Roll Guru Blog! The band have supported the release with a tour across the Canada and the United States. Having performed over 300 club and corporate concerts since 2007, this new release is highly anticipated for thousands of fans in North America.

The new album, appropriately entitled II, is collection of powerful, energetic grooves, universal lyrics and melodies thatll hook your soul. The album was Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Josh Palmer out of PM Recording Studios ( The Studio that Josh built and ran out of Saskatoon for 4 years ). The experience he gained with Recording and Producing many Western Canadian Indie Bands lead to him confidently lead the reigns of their second album and self produce it and record it himself.

The Rebellions first Self Titled Album, was a reawakening for the band members. A solid and creative way for the men to bond through the art of music. They call the album a new chapter in their lives, and as the first album recorded from start to finish, it was a great way for the men to learn and grow as musicians and producers.

After the 1st recording, the band hit the road incessantly, working hard to perfect its signature, helping them to sell out shows across the country. Highlights are opening for PRINCE ( thats right the artist formerly known as Prince) at his after party in Calgary, 2011, 2012 Brier Gold Medal Game, 2011 SCMC Music Conference, Los Angeles, Canadian Music Week 2011, Canadian Music Week 2010, Ness Creek Fest 2009, Juno Awards Festival, CMW 2008, WCMA 2008/07 and SASKTEL Jazz Festival 2008. Toured Nationally with labelmates, TV Heart Attack. Shared the stage with Hey Ocean several times; and with The Bourne Ruffians. The band In Flight Safety invited The Rebellion to support their Saskatchewan dates, and theyve been asked share the stage with such groups as Indie pop rockers Obijou, The Weakerthans and Joel Plasket.

The Rebellion, says Palmer of their live show, has been a vessel for us to express our true feelings of the world and the relationships we have within it. Live, we let go. We rock out. Its a liberating feeling for us and the audience. Were having so much fun on stage, and that transfers to the audience. Through this liberating sense I personally get from playing in The Rebellion, I feel completely honest in my writing and performing. There are no walls you get in, and its our sincere wish that people join in and sing.

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