The Recession

The Recession


Undeniably heavy. Intentionally noisy. Unreasonably angry.


Band Statement:
"We are about what music was about... before the trends that so easily steal passion & creativity. We are just as much a victim and a product of this generation as everyone else & we choose to live in spite of it. We'd rather play on the floor than on a stage. This is our art. This is our message. This is who we are. We don't do it for pride or for money. We do it for the love of expression & of all things heavy."

Band Bio:
"Formed during late 2004 and calling Nebraska home, THE RECESSION's direction quickly came into focus as they discovered their natural style. The band combines both mathy and chaotic elements into their aggressive sound, forging new ground while still recalling a mid-late '90s aesthetic. Their live shows are full of intensity and angst leaving anyone who witnesses craving more. With the release of their debut full length, "Time, Arithmetic & Other Elementary Subjects Not Well Learned", The Recession captures their volatile and passionate sound with an unmatched ferocity, sure to earn them a place alongside predecessors and contemporaries of the same lineage." -Blood & Ink Records

Coalesce, Deadguy, Spitfire, Training For Utopia, Botch etc..


"Time, Arithmetic & Other Elementary Subjects Not Well Learned" LP out on Blood & Ink Records. Distributed through Lumberjack Distro.

Set List

We Play anywhere from 6 songs to 11 songs. 15 minute sets to 45 minute sets.
Typical Set list:
1. Masterpiece Theatre 1:44
2. The Few Quadriplegics That Learn To Fly. 1:31
3. Spearitual 2:16
4. These Thoughts Have Wives... 1:51
5. Reciprocal Determinism... 2:04
6. Night Shift 3:03
7. Justification For A Roman Holiday 2:15

+or- a few songs.