The Reclusive Barclay Brothers

The Reclusive Barclay Brothers


We are "Serious Pop". If you can imagine Tom Tom Club, fronted by Bowie, with Ron Mael of Sparks on keys and Kate Bush on backing vocals, maybe with a bit of rhythm guitar off Prince...then that would be the best band in the world and has nothing to do with us, but we would defo support them on tour


A lot has been written in the press about us. We are the band who sold our soul for a day of internet frenzy. We paid the public to listen to our music. We manufactured a cheap publicity stunt, the stunt of all stunts. Type our name into google and the controversy will not go away.

We've moved on and 2011 will be heavily focussed on playing live shows, releasing music and blowing people away with our "ambitious and slick" pop gems.

Set List

1.Observations Of An Alien
2.I want u to dream about me
3.Dirty Heart
4.Glass Ceiling
5. Captain
6.We Could Be Lonely Together
7.Birds In Space
8.Full Circle
9. Think Like I Think