The Record Boys

The Record Boys


The Record Boys love to 'cut sic'. Come have fun wth us!


The Record Boys are the most original Aussie rock band in ages.

It’s been along time now since I have heard an Australian rock band that actually sounds original and more importantly, Australian. A great deal of rock bands heard on the airwaves today sound like a familiar version of a British or American classic or contemporary rock act.

The Record Boys want to remind people that rock is still at the local pub, performed by musicians that are modest, and is essentially about getting out a message and entertaining in the only way we know how – ‘our own’.

Check it out and enjoy some of the tracks that have been tried and tested in Aussie pubs over the past six years.

‘5 star rock without the ‘rock star’’

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2004 ep - self titled (The Record Boys)
2005 ep - C.D.L.S.
full length album in the can waiting release

Set List

Drawing from two hours of material a typical set is 45 minutes of non stop sweaty ball busting rock!