The Record Kid

The Record Kid


A forward thinking rock band with pop sensibility.


The Story:
The Record Kid formed after the founding members' previous band dissolved in the wake of a label bankruptcy. Lead singer Jeff states, "Most would see it as the end, but we saw it as a new beginning. We recognized the opportunity to move forward on our own terms ". The band decided to use their meager resources to write and record a full length with all new material and in May 2009 independently released it through Itunes worldwide. Within a few months of its release the album has already received airplay on Atlanta's rock 100.5 and is scheduled for a physical release in Japan through Vecca Records/Tower Distribution sept 23, 2009.

The Record:
On their debut release "Stories", The Record Kid manages to avoid the confines in which a typical rock/pop outfit would happily dwell. Each song has its own personality and pushes the sound in a different direction while collectively defining it! The end result is a diverse yet cohesive record that strays from the pop rock monotony plaguing most bands in their genre.

Beyond our Music:
"We shouldn't turn a blind eye to suffering, whether it's a continent away or a block away. If we know there are others in need and we are able to do something about it, we should! We hope to use our music as a medium to urge others out of complacency and into action."

-The Record Kid


Airplay on Atlanta's Rock 100.5
Number one download on
Won a spot on the New Band Showcase, Cornerstone Festival 2009
Distribution in Japan through Vecca Records/Tower Distribution Sept 23, 2009

We've shared the stage with:
the ataris

all get out

there for tomorrow


daes vail


right away, great captain

"Stories" features Matthew Theissen of Relient K on keys


starting over fresh

Written By: The Record Kid

i've spent the last three weeks in bed with the sheets pulled over my head
im attempting to keep out any sign of daylight
my doubts still seem to grow resiliently
and soon enough they'll choke what' s left of my ambition struggling for air
after the year i've had i'd say i'm making progress
dealing with these monumental let downs, and regrets...

i took some time to read the book of starting over fresh
the ideas started a riot in my head
they burned down every thought and shred of insecurity
that's grown around me kept me waist deep in this mess

i've been collecting steps taken in wrong direction
in attempt to turn this all around
after the year i've had i know it seems a bit far fetched
but none the less i'm making my way out

maybe it was in my head...a fit of pity and self loathing of the highest degree
i had to get this out of my head


Stories-May 2009

Set List

As a supporting act for most shows, we typically play a 6-7 song set. This normally includes:

A New Day, What I've Let Go, Starting Over Fresh, Mid July, Scared To Death, Shake This Feeling

As a headliner, we would most likely play 7-8 songs. These would most likely include any of the above songs or a blend of any of the songs on our album:

What I've Let Go - Starting Over Fresh - Mid July - Shake This Feeling - Broadway Girl - Stuck Here Waiting - Higher Now - A New Day - On Your Side - Scared To Death