the recovery channel

the recovery channel


the recovery channel is a modern rock group. we have developed bipolar rock tunes, from sad and brooding to beautiful and optimistic. we have achieved a level of complexity by working with each other for many years. the recovery channel is more than a band; its an experiment and a labor of love.


neal, lasse, and bo have been working with each other for 7 years over several projects. over this 7 year period and with the addition of adam morgan the recovery channel have polished, fine-tuned, reworked, and developed lots of material. many compare their songs as a cross between radiohead, coldplay and jeff buckley. as it is common to compare to other bands, it is important to note that the recovery channel have created their own sound.


a five song ep has been recorded and released free on the website. there is a full length in the works and will be out fall 2005.

Set List

we have 15 songs that we rotate into the set lists.
each set is 30 to 45 min. long. we always play to the crowd and adjust the set as needed.