The Recroom

The Recroom


'lush, evocative songs... aggressively seductive post-punk... remarkable shape-shifting vocals' Eye Weekly


The Recroom are a trio of rock at the heart of Oshawa's talented music scene. Their 2007 debut release 'Wake Up The City' features their catchy songs and soaring vocals wrapped in artfully rustic rock sounds. The album made waves at campus radio and garnered attention in local press, while the band continues to grow, writing songs for a second album due later this year.
They've shared the stage with the likes of USS, The Mark Inside, Bedouin Soundclash, Cuff the Duke, the Exchanges, and many more.

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Wake Up The City (Get Bent Records 2007)

Upcoming new release fall 2009....

Set List

Usually a handful of songs from the album, with a couple new ones to keep the set fresh. 45 minutes, roughly 6-8 songs.