The Recruitment

The Recruitment


Chicago's very own, The Recruitment have made a palpable splash in the local music scene as an unapologetic, honest, and politically inspired indie rock quartet. Rooted by the school of riotgrrl teachings, The Recruitment is full of sonic dissonance, aggressive range, and masterful aggression.


Founded in 2008 by the serendipitous meeting of Dave Wellman (bass) and CT Carmona (guitar) in Chicago. Inspired by the vision of LeTigre and The Gossip, Wellman and Carmona dreamt of creating a band unit comprised of different genders, sexualities, races, ethnicities, and faiths. Wellman and Carmona hoped to use music as a means to empower other marginalized people and (hopefully) find their own transformations. After four years of song writing as a bass/drum duo, Wellman and Carmona stumbled upon two established and like-minded Chicago musicians, Kaaren Fehsenfeld (drums) and Cheryl Lawson (guitar/vocals). Auditioning the two on the same night-without hesitation- The Recruitment was born.

The Recruitment quickly began frequenting the local Chicago music scene with sister bands such as: Girl in a Coma, The Ovens, Swimsuit Addition, The Moses Gun, and Lezzurection, to name a few. Additionally, the Recruitment has played venues such as: Township, The Beat Kitchen, The Burlington and The Double Door and have 2013-2014 tour plans leading toward the greater Midwest and the East coast.

Like many of their influences (Team Dresch, Veruca Salt, Sleater-Kinney, That Dog), The Recruitment are a band that combines auditory drive, tension, and drama, with introspection and boldness.


Singles Released:

"Disco Fag Beat"

"All Points West"

"Bullshit Boy"

Set List

The Great Awakening
Striving to be Yourself
Love is Stronger than Death
Disco Fag Beat
All Points West
You're Gonna Make it (The Burning Maze)
Bullshit Boy