The Red Apples

The Red Apples

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Red Apples is a Chicago-based roots/rock band that lights up clubs with engaging vocals, danceable rhythms and hot guitar licks. Playing covers and original songs, they draw from a wide swathe of Americana influences, including rockabilly, western swing, blues, rock, country and honky tonk.


The Red Apples is a Chicago-based roots/swing band that lights up clubs with powerful vocals, danceable rhythms and hot guitar licks. Whether playing as an acoustic duo, trio or quartet, or laying it out live and electric, the band brings versatility and originality to their performances.
The Red Apples is a Chicago-based roots/rock band featuring the husband and wife lead vocal duo of Ron Lowy and Wendy Parman. The band lights up clubs with engaging vocals, danceable driving rhythms and hot guitar licks. Playing covers and original songs, The Red Apples draws from a wide swathe of Americana influences, including rock, western swing, country, rockabilly, blues, folk, and honky-tonk.
The band was conceived with the marriage of singer Wendy and guitarist/vocalist Ron. Their search to find common musical ground led them on an adventurous ride that turned into The Red Apples.
Ron Lowy, a seasoned guitarist who has played with acts such as Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, Jump in the Saddle, and The Band, is a talented blend of singer and lead guitar player. His scintillating Stratocaster licks and unique musical sensibility are largely what lends The Red Apples their signature sound. Wendy Parman combines a sense of drama with a terrific range and versitility as a vocalist. Her diverse musical influences and experience singing in various genres can be heard in both her lead and back up vocals. Ron and Wendy create a special chemistry onstage and when they start to harmonize, the temperature starts to rise.
Every member of The Red Apples brings their own brand of expertise, history and vision to the band’s unique musical sauce. Dave Lenef on lead/rhythm guitar and vocals has quite a diverse musical background. From majoring in jazz guitar in college to performing fusion music with the band Juggular to playing guitar with blues man Elmore James Jr; Dave is a man of many musical hats and makes a big contribution to the sound of The Red Apples.

The Red Apples can rock the house, tell you something about the blues, and swing with the best of them. They put on a great live show that'll grab you by your feet and rock your socks off. The Red Apples look forward to playing everything from private parties to gala events to your local watering hole... So what are you waiting for?


I Gotta Move

Written By: Ron Lowy

We're gonna have some fun,
We're gonna do it right,
We're gonna pick a little music, sing and dance right through the night.

We're gonna have us good time,
We're gonna have us a ball,
with all the cats and the chicks jumping down at the old dance hall.

Yeah I gotta move,
and I can't hardly stand it,
C'mon and get up while we're all out let's smoke it all,
I gotta move,
and I'm gonna demand it,
Well there ain't no laying back cause tonight we're gonna have a ball.

Went out last Friday night,
The moon was on the rise,
All the people that we met had that certain twinkle in their eyes.
We did the hoochie-coo,
We drank a shot or two,
Well it really didn't matter cause we did just what we had to do. (repeat bridge)

Something Strange

Written By: Wendy Parman

You know, I've been around,
I'm not a youngster anymore,
But I'm not like the other girls you've known,
I haven't been this way before.

I haven't trusted men like you,
I was a-born seeing them bad,
But I've been hurt in ways that I can't even say;
It left me lonely, scared and sad.
But when I met you I knew

Something different, Something Strange,
Something about you
Made me cry and feel my pain;
Made me want to open up,
And hold you close and Hold you tight,
And let you fill my life's cup,
And let you brighten my life's night.

Well I'm a woman now it's true,
I've got a woman's ways and brain,
I've never understood a man yet,
I never will to me that's plain.

You're not an easy man to please,
You've got your troubles and your sorrow,
But you're an easy man to love,
and loving me's in your tomorrow. (repeat bridge)

I'm Really Down

Written By: Ron Lowy

I'm really down,
Flat on the ground,
I'm really down down down
I'm really down

Blues all around,
I hear that lonesome sound,
I'm really down down down
I'm really down

She left me here
so all alone
Can't ya hear me cry
Can't ya hear me sigh
Can't ya hear me moan
I'm really down
Flat on the ground
I'm really down down down
I'm really down

Sometimes she's here
and sometimes she's there
Sometimes I turn and she just ain't anywhere
She picks me up
and she puts me down
She plays the games that she likes and I play the clown (repeat bridge)

Winter Birth

Written By: Wendy Parman

It is silent out there.
It is silent out there.
The shock of the new drifts down with the snow.

I am a source of nourishment now.
I am a source of nourishment now.
I hear the suckling even in my heart.

I tread a path scattered with relics of the past.
Clouds veil the future,
shrouds surround what went before.
That shadow screams its remorse;
I turn away happily.


We have an unofficial EPK with a number of acoustic tracks as well as originals with our full band. We've been added to the playlist at and and can be heard on independent radio station WLUW, (FM 88.7) the Razor and Di show!

Set List

Our typical set list is a combination of originals and covers. Many of our originals have a roots rock/country feel to them, but our covers range from Duke Ellington to Iggy Pop. We have 3-4 sets, each 45 minutes long and are always adding more.


Nancy Sinatra
Commander Cody
Wanda Jackson
Sonny and Cher
Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys
Peggy Lee
April March
Iggy Pop
Patsy Cline
Hank Williams