The Red Army

The Red Army


Our music is for the young; cacophonous and passionate, it is our only tool against a corrupt and violent system.


The Red Army is unified in our mutual distrust of authority and general distaste for the American political wasteland.

We met as college students at Ohio University, attracted to each other by that magnetism that allows outcasts to locate one another amongst a sea of douche bags and Natural Light.

The band began playing rather unpleasant political acoustic songs that were filled with a quasi-punk rock attitude and screaming vocals. We often played to empty rooms, sometimes the sound guy if we were lucky.

When we weren’t scaring kids with our violent acoustic serenades, we would shoot the shit around Athens, Ohio, an “everybody knows this is nowhere” kind of town. The quiet desperation of Athens turned out to be a great catalyst for angry tunes about snorting pills, the ills of capitalism and the emptiness of religion.

Eventually the group evolved adding drums and electric bass and guitar. Finally our music matched our energy. Once we were able to drown our voices and guitar flubs under an ocean of distortion and pummeling drums, we gained a fan base and self released two EPs and one LP.

Tomorrow’s Unforgiving Sun, like all of our releases, was recorded in the bedroom of our engineer’s home in Athens. All of our recordings are intended to be the kind of collection of songs that take people places, like “London Calling” or “Day Dream Nation”. Each song is desperately gripping towards some kind of truth or clarity about the strange world we live in and why it is so frustrating to be young and powerless.

We are an old school bunch. We still believe in the album format. We still believe music can be cool and genuine. We still believe music can bring about a revolution. And we still think there is a lot of change that needs to happen in this country regardless of who is in the White House.


Kill City

Written By: Will Cooper

There is a sound in your neighborhood
Bullets ring out – the sound of guns
The sight of yellow tape and the chalk out line
The flashing lights approach a river of blood

Another brother was slain,
Down by the L train
In my city there is no love
We all drown,
we are drowning in rivers of blood

In Kill City, my city
We are drowning in rivers of blood

In the school yard shots ring out
The children scream, they try to run
Another child gunned down in the classroom
And there is no solace, no touch of god

And where is god when we are shattered
And where is god when we are lost
And now the child turns the gun upon himself
Another confused child is gone

In Kill City, my city
We are drowning in rivers of blood

There is a sound
Ringing from the heavens
From the sky, hails a thousand bombs
Bodies scattered and disfigured
Our humanity is gone

Some are fighting to get back to their homeland
Some are killing for a god
Ideas are nothing, in our material world
We are no greater than what we destroy


Written By: Will Cooper

It makes no difference
To whom you pray
It’s not a punishment
It wears no name

In any city
For anyone
It’s indiscriminate
It’s our guns

The god you kill for
The flag you fly
Doesn’t make you holy
Doesn’t make you right

You wont be saved
For what you’ve done
You’re a plague on our earth
With your guns


4,000 Dead & Counting EP
Hey single
Could We Ever Love single
Lucid Dreams EP
Searching single
Tomorrow's Unforgiving Sun LP
Searching single
727 single
Hey single

Set List

We can play extremely long (1 hour and 30 Minutes) or we can play very short (20 minutes).

We play a punk rock style set where there are little or no breaks in between songs.

Our songs vary greatly in length.

Here is a sample set list:

Kill City

We play all original material.