The Redbuds

The Redbuds

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Appalachian folk music is at the heart of all we do. Taking lessons from these time-tested songs, we meld three part female harmony with our acoustic instruments on both traditional and original music, paying homage to the music that comes before our time.


The Redbuds got their start in the early in 2012 when siblings Laura & Allie Smith decided to team up with then neighbor and banjo player Virginia Pishioneri to play at a local farmers market. Aware that they knew many of the same songs, the girls played their first gig without practicing together once. What started as an acoustic side project perfect for this outdoor venue quickly turned into something much more serious. While most of their repertoire comes from the Appalachian folk music tradition, they also pull from artists such as Carly Simon, Pete Seeger & the Avett Brothers along with playing a few originals. Blending together guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle with their three part harmonies, the Redbuds have a timeless sound that appeals to every age. While they can still be heard almost every weekend in Clintonville, they have also gotten the opportunity to play at several festivals, including Duck Creek Log Jam in Logan, Ohio, Community Festival in Columbus and the Ohio Chautauqua Festival in Bexley. Then in June of 2013 the girls went into the studio to record their first full length album, which was released October 13th, 2013. So whether they are heard playing at a festival or bar, birthday party or farmers market, The Redbuds music is sure to put a smile on your face and make you nostalgic for a time long before ours.


People Say

Written By: Allie Smith

People say you can have too much of a good thing.
People say he won't be round tomorrow,
People say you can't tie him down.

Well I don't believe what people say.
He'll be around tomorrow,
what will the people say.

They tell me, you're better off without him
They tell me, girl you're nothing like him,
They tell me, he doesn't deserve you.

Well I don't believe what they tell me,
he makes me happy don't you see.
What will the people say.

Well I'll show them we have everything in common,
and I'll show them we deserve each other.
and I'll show them we will last forever.

and I don't care what people say.
He's my night and I'm his day.
What will the people say.


The Redbuds (self titled)- October 13th, 2013

Set List

Our Full Moon (original)
People Say (original)
Fly Away (Traditional)
Ship in the Sky (Woody Guthrie)
Crawdad Hole (Traditional)
Red Rocking Chair (Traditional)
Willow Garden (Traditional)
Banks of the Ohio (Traditional)
Mole in the Ground (Traditional)
The Fox (Traditional)
Shortin' Bread (Traditional)
Rosetta (Original)
New River Train (Traditional)
If I Had a Hammer (Pete Seeger & Lee Hayes)
Cindy (Traditional)
Oh Mary Don't you Weep (Traditional Spiritual)
You are my Sunshine
Cripple Creek (Traditional)
Rocky Top (Felice and Boudleaux Bryant)
Highway in the Hedges (Traditional)
Here's to Cheshire
Salty Dog (Traditional)
John Henry (Traditional)
Graveyard Grass (original)
Bowling Green (Traditional)