The Red Clay Rumble

The Red Clay Rumble

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

We will make you dance and move your feet in ways that you haven't ever moved them.


Good Evening SonicBids! The Red Clay Rumble consists of Marc Horne: Drums, Percussion.. Seth Watters: Guitars, Bass.. Mike Ballou: Vocals, Guitars, Bass.. David Wright: Guitars.

A Rock N Roll Band from Atlanta Georgia.. ..

Enjoys a wide variety of musical influence.. ..

Is always writing produciing new music.. ..

Often play different instruments throughout a performance.. ..

Thinks that sales guy at guitar center is not so awesome.. ..

Love the Sweetwater Brewing Co... ..

Cover many songs of the band UPC music.. ..

Play Fender, Ampeg amps.. .. ..

Thanks for checking us out and hope to see you at the show... ..