The Red Dakota Revival Show
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The Red Dakota Revival Show

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LP "We Think You Think Too Much About Thinking" in production



The Fantastic Origins of the Red Dakota Revival Show

Once upon a time there were three nice young men named Andy, Brian, and Tyson. Now, these were the sort of nice young men with artistic sensibilities but because they were so kind-hearted they were stuck writing nice acoustic songs about nice things.
Then one night, a lady-in-red visited them in their dreams.
In the dream, the three nice boys were sitting around a campfire beneath the limbs of a black oak tree. They were partaking in whiskey from tin cans. The whiskey splished and splashed about like forgotten memories, finally taking hold deep inside. Suddenly, the circle became very smoky and the three were worried that the limbs had caught fire. They dashed about but soon realized it was just a heavy fog that had rolled in. More drink was shared. Then, just as suddenly as it appeared, the fog vanished and the lady-in-red stood before them.
“I once was a very powerful queen,” she told them. “I ruled over many lands and was feared and respected by all…but I was greedy. Finally, after years of terrorizing my people, I was killed in battle. The gods banned me to the ether where I have been stuck ever since. The only way my curse can be lifted is by giving back to the people as much as I took away. As you can imagine, this is very difficult…being stuck in the ether and all.”
Then she quietly whispered in each of their ears-- “rock.”
The next morning, the three nice boys woke up and convened at the local watering hole.
Each had the same dream.
All decided to rock.
Thus was born the Red Dakota Revival Show.