The Reddies

The Reddies


We're a pop-formatted R&B band with a tight Reggae rhythm section. Like Steel Pulse and Michael Jackson.


The Reddies are an original band from Austin, TX. We began playing in 2007 with the goal of writing Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Soca, and other related styles of music. We rented a room at The Music Lab on St. Elmo, which we still use, and hit the ground running.

The Band was the pet project of Jay Arsenalut and Miles Styler, the original drummer. We all shared an interest in Steel Pulse, Lucky Dube, UB40, Culture, Sly & Robbie. We agreed that we enjoyed the rhythms, but wanted to create our own substance, our own topics. We also all had the need to infuse the music with american funk and R&B.

With support from local Dub heavies, Grimy Styles, and our friends at Flamingo Cantina, we were able to quickly build a reggae following, and gain enough recognition in our first 18 months to play Austin Reggae Festival '09. This seemed to be the springboard for many opportunities, including making a great new album, Cultivation, at Austin School of Music.

Since, Miles has left to tend to personal affairs in Santa Cruz, and we've had no trouble sliding in our friend Chris Trafton as a drummer.


there are a handful of live recordings available on our Myspace site, but our current record, Cultivation, has been played on KUT and KAZI, and the record is available at Waterloo Records, in the local section. Music is also available at WWW.THEREDDIES.COM and soon will be available on iTunes and Rhapsody, courtesy of

Our airplay has been recent and only on public or independent radio stations, so a single hasn't emerged. We're confident that there's more than 1 single on the record, and so far, the critics agree.

Set List

Release The Dove, Hold On, Don't Get Me Wrong, Every Thing We Love On, Open The Door, Today, Grown Up, Lovemoon's Light, Breaking The Binds, Where Do We Go From Here, You're Not Worth My Tears, Say Nothing...
We typically play 60-90 minute sets that include all original songs. The last 2 years we've been invited to Bob Marley's Birthday Bash at Flamingo, and Austin Reggae Festival, for which we learned a handful of Bob Marley covers that suited us; Waiting In Vain, Is This Love, Who the Cap Fit, Concrete Jungle, Kinky Reggae. We also occasionally do a Reggae version of Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers, and Number 1 by Gregory Isaacs.