The Redemption

The Redemption


Alternative rock with a melodic groove. A touch of hard rock, a touch of acoustic, and some pop-punk influence. Strong vocals, textured guitar, and catchy lyrics come together to create snappy rock songs.


-Band Bio:

The Redemption formed in the summer of 2003 in Portland, Oregon. Playing a diverse musical spectrum of modern rock styles, the band has often been compared to Alice in Chains, Incubus, Live, and Floater. With melodic breakdowns and catchy choruses, delivering everything from hard-edged heavy rock to powerful and gripping acoustic songs, The Redemption is a modern rock powerhouse taking the Portland music scene by storm.

In April of 2004, the band released their four-song demo EP and began playing shows regularly in and out of Portland. Small, empty clubs gave way to headlining shows, where the band would play their crowd favorites such as "Statue" and "Hollow Days" to fans at packed-out venues, all the while endlessly rehearsing and writing new material. The band has played many of the best clubs in Portland, and has shared the stage with several well-known local and national acts, including Manntis, SmoochKnob, and members of Everclear. The Redemption’s singles “Hollow Days” and "Designated Driver" have received airplay on local radio station AM970 (Solid State Radio) and The Rick Emerson Show. The band has written & recorded original jingles & theme songs for the Marconi Show on 101.1 KUFO, and has been featured on the program.

The Redemption’s full-length, self-titled debut CD, was released in April of 2006. The band will be touring and promoting the album across the Northwest, amassing their ever-growing fanbase through their intense and atmospheric live shows, for which the band is known. The unstoppable musical force which is The Redemption intends to change the face of music across the Northwest and beyond.

-Band History:

The band originally formed from members of Dogknot, a three-piece acoustic project consisting of Matt Reinhold & Shaun Stiles on guitars, and Kamen Sessom on bass. Matt & Shaun, friends since childhood, were both former members of the Portland hard rock band HBI.

Dogknot’s acoustic stylings inevitably gave way to heavy rock sounds after the recruiting of drummer Gabriel Dinu, a Romanian native and Portland music scene veteran. Months of intense songwriting and sound refining followed.

Next came the discovery of lead vocalist Dan Mayhew, former front-man of successful Portland bands Pale and Sleepy Hollow, who provided the key which would unlock their sound. The band called themselves Chief Pedro and began playing their first shows.

Growing musical differences brought the departure of Shaun and Kamen from the band, and led to the addition of bassist Jon Erickson. Serious self-discovery and musical passion brought its way into what became the permanent line-up, and new name, of the band... The Redemption.

For those who are curious: although there are some preconceptions with our band name, we are not a Christian band. We got the band name off the back of a Corona beer bottle!


"The Redemption" - self-titled full-length CD - 11 tracks, released April 2006.

"A Rocker's Guide to Portland - Volume II" - CD Complilation of PDX bands... Track 12 - The Redemption, "Designated Driver". Released December 2005.

Original radio jingles & theme songs played on 101.1 KUFO's "The Marconi Show".

Singles "Hollow Days" and "Designated Driver" featured on AM970 Solid State Radio, on "The Rick Emerson Show".

Set List

We usually play a 45-minute set of our rock originals. Sometimes we play a short acoustic set in the middle. Other times we play all-acoustic shows. Once in awhile we'll throw in a cover, usually an Alice in Chains number, or something more obscure.