The Redfelts

The Redfelts

 Orlando, Florida, USA

The Redfelts are a Pop/Rock Band with a straight up melody driven rock sound, with hooks that you will be singing long after the song is finished! All songs (music & lyrics) written by 21 year old Lead Singer/Guitarist, Robby Red. SEE MUSIC VIDEO at WWW.YOUTUBE.COM SEARCH: The Redfelts


The band came together in the Summer of 2007 and is made up of five talented musicians that have all shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the music business. The music is straight-up melody driven rock, with great commerial hooks.
Each of these five musicians have great stage presence and can sing. All songs are written by 21 year old lead singer Robby Red. Produced by
Jim Ebert, who also produced Butch Walker. What really seperates this band is their live show, you can feel the energy and passion in every song. Check them out at or SEE MUSIC VIDEO at search: The Redfelts


“My Blue Nights”

Written By: Robby Brown

“My Blue Nights”
I'm trippin by day light
living away although it's just another fight
feeling like I did before
up and down and up... and down
you could never catch my fall
look at me there's no way you could know it all
still all the times you had with me
there are things that you could never see
All that's living inside me
is suddenly dieing
My blue nights, they come, they go
all the nights where I fall low
blue nights, I'll let them pass
and hope tomorrow the blue fades fast
Verse 2-
Living life with one last breath
holding on to me when there is nothing left
another day is like the rest
up and down and up... and down
so do you think you can hold me tight
not say a word 'cause I don't want to fight
just need your arms that fade my pain
if I speak you know I can not explain
No matter what I do
it's all the same with you
and no matter how I feel
I’ll never feel quite real
but I try to find
ways to hide myself
so I don't lose myself
and fall away...

I'm Still Here

Written By: Robby Brown

"I'm Still Here"
Verse 1-
All the moments in my life
seem to come with a new surprise
like all the friends I’ve met
and the strung out times I won’t forget
and as I go along I won’t think back to all that's wrong
I remember her telling me we don't live long so let it be
and I'm busy racing and she'll be calming me
‘Cause baby’s gotta whole lot of things she says to me
and I'm aware
She's sitting in the back room starring back at me
saying I'll be there
'Cause baby’s gotta whole lot of things that mean to me
more then you know
but if there's one thing she'll remind me is that I'm still here
Verse 2-
She reminds me that I still have my whole life
when I'm running around complaining about what's not right
and all the things I've done have made me into who I am
and like she says to me we don't live long so let it be
I’m still here with her as I’ll be
Watching her watch over me
Look at all we have become
She reminds me how this life can be and how to live and let it be
and I won’t regret it all


"The Redfelts" SIX PACK
1) Pretty Girl
2) I'm Still Here
3) Radio
4) My Blue Nights
5) You're Left Behind
6) Her World

Set List

1) Her World
2) Radio
3) Keep It Up
4) My Blue Nights
5) You're Left Behind
6) Fancy Eyes
8) I'm Still Here
9) Pretty Girl
10) No Goodbye
11) Closed Minded Books
12) Gone
13) Champagne Baby
14) Wrapped Up
15) Forever Memories