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"The Silence Breaks EP Review"

"There's a fiery rhythmic attack from the off on "Swallow" by The Red Labels. It turns into a rampaging rootsy post-punk rocker, full of glorious noise and pile-driving energy lead by impassioned lead singer Dean Regan. "Fire" is a feisty track with furious guitar fills, punchy drums and bass lines under a rocking vocal. "Ticker Tape Parade" keeps up the manic pace, without losing its balance, or its subtlety. Better still, as they proved in the final of the recent JD Set, they can deliver stage-wise too".


"All things come in Red"

The red labels, are one of the freshest sounding bands on the gigging scene in Dublin. Hailing from Howth and formed in 2007, the band comprises Dean Regan (vocals and guitar), Paul McKenna (guitar) Richie Martin (vocals and bass) and Conor McGovern (drums).

The band have achieved incredible things in such a short time, even playing Oxegen in 2008, an impressive merit for a band that had only been together for a year. They managed to play over 100 gigs in the same year, proving that they are hard working band, aiming for the top, including support gigs with U.K bands One night only and General Fiasco. 2009 has been equally busy for the north Dublin band on the gig front, having kicked off the year playing in the prestigious IMRO showcase tour, which also included well known Dublin bands Dirty Epics and The Kinetics. They continued touring around Europe and the UK, and recently played an impressive set in support The Spikes, in which they threatened to steal the show with their seamless performance of songs which inspired the crowd to dance and at least attempt to sing along. They warmed the room after a cold performance from the band performing before them, and set the tone for the headlining band.

The band began recording their EP “The Silence Breaks”, at the start of the year in the safe and experienced hands of Guy Massey, a producer who worked in the well known Abbey Road studios, synonymous with The Beatles. He has assistant credits with what is commonly known as Radiohead’s best album , The Bends, and has also produced the Beatles let it be album as well as working with The Manic Street Preachers and Irish artists, Divine Comedy. Massey’s impressive C.V cannot but help The Red Labels’ reputation with the big wig record companies. Now however, the band are operating under indie label Fatfux, and released their EP in April of this year. The C.D is made up of five tracks, each one as powerful as the next. The opening track “swallow”, heralds airs from The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys, it is an adrenaline rush that, played either live or on C.D, will get any music lovers heart racing. The EP is a herald of the brilliance that should come from the band in the future, should they be one of lucky few that break the U.K. As well as inspiration from the aforementioned bands, some of The Red Labels’ songs are akin to The Cure and Kings of Leon, a recipe for success if ever there was one. Although the band do bear similarities to great and established bands, they do have their own sound, a feat many bands tend to miss out on when starting up. It is a heavy and fast-paced sound, which most other bands would have trouble keeping up with, a sound that seems almost uncontrollable, but the band are so well put together, they have mastered the art of organised chaos.

The band’s intense sound is a refreshing and welcome change from what we have been hearing from more prominent guitar-based bands hailing from Dublin, for example The Directors, who come are also from a popular seaside town in North Dublin, Malahide, have only been moderately popular since the broke into the charts, and have failed to produce anything highly impressive. Also another Dublin band the script have achieved enormous success and have a huge following at the moment, however for those who are looking for a more raw experience in music are left with a lot to be desired where their songs are concerned. Should the labels reach the height of either of these bands it is guaranteed that they will offer a heavier serving for those who have a palette for loud guitars and pounding percussion.

Over the next few Months, the Howth band will continue to promote themselves, with dates in Donegal, Kilkenny, Galway and an instore performance at Tower records towards the end of the month. The also be trekking to Russia for a performance on the 19th of October.

- Claire Kane

"A time for heroes as the silence breaks"

Despite having neither drug addiction problems nor that most essential of rockstar accessories - supermodel girlfriends - Dublin indie rockers The Red Labels are still being hailed as Ireland's answer to The Libertines. And while the young Irish band is not yet tabloid newspaper fodder the resemblance to Pete Doherty's former outfit is hard to miss when it comes to their similar brand of shambolic council estate rock. Don't get me wrong; The Red Labels is not some copycat band sailing on "the good ship Albion to Arcadia" but with their unruly and frantic punk rock din the comparison is unavoidable.

Over the last 18 months the Dublin four-piece's live performances have placed them unconditionally as one of the top live acts in the country. "Fast", "manic" and "fiery" are words that constantly pop up in live reviews by enthused music journalists to describe their sound. Now with the release of their debut EP "The Silence Breaks" The Red Labels have proved that they can deliver the same ferocious intensity in the studio as well. "Playing live has always been what The Red Labels are really about. Recently we have started to spend more time in the rehearsal room and studio working on new material and polishing our sound which is great but playing live is what it's all about for us," bass player Richie Martin tells Alan Jacques. "We try to make our live shows as energetic and as memorable as possible so that people go away on the night wanting to come back again and see more. We are currently in the middle of a tour of Ireland, we wrap up in Dublin on August 22 at the Summer Sounds Festival. After that we plan on taking a break from the gig front for a few months to work on new material and a new show. We pride ourselves on being one of Ireland's best live acts so we cant wait to get back out on the road again with some new material and an even better show" says Richie.

2008 saw this Dublin outfit clock up close to one hundred shows in Ireland and the UK alone, including appearances at all the major Irish festivals. Awards came in the form of the Adidas "We Are Original" gong and support slots were gained with General Fiasco, One Night Only and Official Secrets Act. Diving head first into 2009 The Labels were crowned winners of the legendary King Kong Club battle of the bands, made it onto the coveted IMRO Showcase tour and reached the final of The JD Sets in Ireland. Promotion of their critically acclaimed debut EP "The Silence Breaks", which was produced by Guy Massey (Idlewild, Stephen Fretwell), saw the lads embark on a two month UK tour. The 20 plus date tour saw them stop of in Bristol, London, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow, where they performed by request at Scottish band The View's after show party. Then these hardworking Dubs went on to wrap up the tour in London's legendary Camden Barfly. "The reaction in the UK was great, we loved every second of it and met some really great people along the way. Scotland was definitely the highlight of the tour though, the people up there just seemed to get the music and were well up for it very night we played. There's a great scene going on up there at the moment. We played The View's after show party after their Glasgow gig, which was another night to remember.

"We learned quite early that in order to succeed in anything you do you really have to be willing to put the hours in and never take no for an answer, especially in this game. The four of us have always been very driven, as a group we want to take The Red Labels to the top. We're not content to sit around and hope that things fall into our lap, everybody has to start somewhere and when you want to be the biggest band in the world of course your going to have to put the work in."

Well The Red Labels are certainly no slouches when it comes to a bit of hard graft. The next two months will see the band take their energetic live set further afield to mainland Europe and will see them take in dates in Belgium, Germany, Malta and Russia before returning home to play an intimate Irish tour this year. After that they are set to lock themselves away to begin pre-production on their debut album, which is due out in Spring 2010. Before that though you can catch this ambitious Irish band live at Bakers Place this Wednesday, August 12 where I'm told we can expect "a show that's packed full of energy and some songs that will make you want to dance". Doors open at 9pm and admission is free.

- Alan Jacques

"The Red Labels JD Set Finalists"

"For those who feel sluggish in the morning, the fast and furious The Red Labels are better than a shot of espresso thanks to their energetic sounds!". - THE IRISH DAILY STAR NEWSPAPER

"IMRO Showcase Tour hits Dublin"

"One of my favourite new Irish bands are The Red Labels, (seriously check these guys out live if you can, makes you love music again)"


"Sounds of the future"

"Wow! Some crazy-ass guitar work in all their songs, The Red Labels are on my list for the September HWCH Festival indeed!" - FUTURESOUNDS MUSIC WEBSITE

"The Red Labels live at the ABC Glasgow"

"All the way from Dublin, ‘The Red Labels’ were a class act tonight. More than one audience member asked me for more information about these energetic indie rockers, showing that they have the ability to make new fans. Their music has hints of The Libertines with strong hooks and some great bass licks. Listening to their e.p the track ‘In My Head’ could be played on Radio1 any day of the week" - Y-ROCK MUSIC WEBSITE SCOTLAND

"We're loving 'The Silence Breaks' EP"

"We're loving the new 'The Silence Breaks' EP from The Red Labels. Recorded with producer Guy Massey at the Dublin Sun Studios it's a storming energy filled record" - INDIELAB UK

"July 25th Whelans Gig Review"

"The Red Labels are a Dublin four-piece who's raucously light rock should excite fans of The Libertines. Vocalist Dean Regan has a gravelly timbre reminiscent of Gomez's Ben Ottwell, and the boys possess enough hard riffage in their sound to keep most heads nodding" - DROP-D MUSIC REVIEW

"The Labels Rock Whelans Gig Review"

"The Red Labels have been hopping from one Dublin venue to another in recent weeks and this week is no exception. Headlining in Whelan's of Wexford Street last night these guys proved their here to stay. Playing to a modest Wednesday night crowd not even the fence-hangers could resist their poignant red-letter set. Touching on an early 80's punk vibe with a genuinely superb vocal aptitude and a truly underived sound all of their own" - DVS LIVE MUSIC REVIEW


- "Fire" (Single) released 4th July 2008 (FatFux Records)

Track listing:

2)All Night

- "The Silence Breaks" (EP) released 1st April 2009 (FatFux Records)

Track listing:

3)Ticker Tape Parade
4)You Know
5)In My Head

Their current 5 track EP “The Silence Breaks” produced by Guy Massey, (The Beatles, Idlewild, John Fretwell) was released to sold out gigs in Pravda and Crawdaddy in Dublin and an extensive tour around Ireland and the UK.

The bands first single “Fire”, received serious radio airplay and featured on a promotional advert for BT2, Ireland's leading fashion store.

The band have also been received warmly by Ireland’s music press, with positive reviews in Hot Press, The Irish Independent, The Irish Daily Star and Mixtape.

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Fresh from a chain of energetic performances spanning from London to Russia, Dublin based four piece The Red Labels are set to head back into the studio to begin work on the follow up to their highly acclaimed debut EP "The Silence Breaks".

2009 has been a baptism of fire for the band, including their success in winning the esteemed King Kong Club battle of the bands competition, making it onto the coveted IMRO Showcase Tour and reaching the final of the legendary JD Sets in Ireland. Playing the festival circuit and touring the UK in a beat up camper van, these boys are no strangers to blood sweat and broken strings. The past four months have seen The Red Labels rightfully earn high profile support slots with bands like One Night Only, General Fiasco and Official Secrets Act, embark on a twenty date tour of the UK and have seen them take their high energy live shows to no less than six different countries worldwide.

Injecting the spirit, energy and raw passion of the punk era into a new brand of alternative rock, The Red Labels have already carved out their own musical style in the modern music scene. Punchy bass lines and screaming guitars meet manic, furious drums beats to create a powerful level of intensity. Live concerts are where they stand on their own as truly unique performers, displaying a level of passion for their craft that is unsurpassed in Ireland today.

The coming months bring more studio time for The Red Labels as they record their debut Album, due for release in Spring 2010. Whisperings of a second EP due to be released before
Christmas are also in the air.

Bringing a fresh sound to the music scene, the road ahead seems paved with good intentions, talent and energy for The Red Labels.