The Red Lights

The Red Lights


"The Red Lights are like an indie-rock diamond in the rough. This L.A.-based band finds inspiration in both '60s Brit-pop and '80s new wave and combines it with an indie-rock sensibility." - Skratch Magazine


The Red Lights met in college in a small town in northern California. The four of them started playing music together at age 22, though their individual musical histories go back further. Playing for a year and a half under the name Brown Bag, the band gathered an ample and dedicated following, including both people who appreciated good music and people who just wanted to see a rock band.

The band practiced in a backyard shed, played at parties and local venues and recorded whenever possible, ultimately creating three self-produced full-length albums and one EP on a four-track recorder. The style rotated around 70's-era rock, ranging from swirling, ambient churners to old-style punk head-nodders. The constant was the desire to create moving, flowing, vibrant rock melodies.

The band split ways for one year when Miller graduated college and moved home to Los Angeles, where he continued writing and recording songs on his own. During this time the remaining three members picked up a bassist and started their own side project, fronted by Loverde, called The Takers. That band, which included more punk influence than its predecessor, had fun tearing up parties and local venues and drew its own almost entirely separate following. In a year it produced an amateur studio-recorded full-length album and two EPs.

The Red Lights reconverged in the summer of 2004 when the other three joined Miller in LA to continue music on a more professional level. The style has evolved, picking up influence in the likes of Interpol, Modest Mouse and Joy Division.

The band plays shows mainly in the Los Feliz/Silver Lake area, where its following is already taking root. In the space of a few months The Red Lights have recorded an EP and a handful of rough demos, all self-produced.

The band's ideal expression is in a combination of well-structured melodies and music over a bed of infectious dreariness and haunting sounds.


EPs - Broken City

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"Sleep" Single played on Indie 103.1

Set List

Red Lights
Destroy Myself
Mind Control
Wish I had A
Remember When
Give me back this time
Offer no substance
Cold Shower
What about Death
Lovely Teacher
Status Quo