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Welcome to the world of The Red Paintings. An Orchestral Art Rock group known for their vibrant stage shows incorporating live art, human canvases, theatrics & more. Compared to acts like Radiohead, Muse, Tool, & The Arcade Fire and being hand picked as touring support around the globe with like minded acts such as The Dresden Dolls, Mindless Self Indulgence, Saul Williams, and Mogwai. The Red Paintings are one of those few acts that will take you on a journey into the future with a lively and v


*Recent News: The band recently played Sold Out shows in Australia in March 2011 and just completed a 20 date tour of California which included shows at ROXY supporting Chad Smith news band, Support in San Diego for Alien ant Farm and main stage 10pm for Subzero Music Festival San Jose and more...The act has just been hand picked by Seattle act ''The Posies'', as support in USA in July 2011.

The acts newly unreleased music video:
November 2010, Streets Fell Into My Window, just won Best Short Video & Best Music Video at the QLD Film Awards & Sydney Fantasy Film Awards. 2011 shorted listed and being showcases at L.A film festival, Byron Bay International Film Festival with AIR and Massive Attack & West End Film Festival & screening at L.A Film Festival.

The Red Paintings instrumentation live core is made up of; Cello, Violin, Piano, Drums, Bass and Guitar.

Visionary Brisbane-based performer Trash McSweeney sees colour in his music. Ever since suffering a near-fatal seizure eight years ago, Trash set out to share with the world a lifetime’s worth of ideas about what he has seen and felt. By taking to his guitar, piano, and notebook, The Red Paintings were officially born upon the dawn of the new millennium

Based in Australia, though having been fortunate enough to already tour much of the globe, The Red Paintings are a five-piece group incorporating additional choral, orchestral, and performance art features wherever possible. Their shows amalgamate sonics and optics to create a living, breathing canvas that stimulates the senses and minds of listeners and viewers alike. Once jacked into your stereo and brain, The Red Paintings' sounds evoke everything from child-like lullabies of the future, to tearing, biting, alternative rock numbers. They are sometimes compared to multi-faceted acts like Radiohead, Muse, and The Arcade Fire, and their appeal reaches baroque-pop steam-punks, metalheads, indie-rock fanatics and beyond.

Currently recording their full-length debut album, “The Revolution Is Never Coming”, Trash & Co. are drawing on years of cumulative experience and every inch of available resources to create a record of epic proportions. Sharing hopes and desires shaped from a passionate world view, “The Revolution Is Never Coming” is what Trash hopes will be the tipping point for the band’s career. With their diverse history and cult following, the band is stepping into the new year kitted with an arsenal of music, exciting live performances, and diehard fans (who Trash says are “the best on the planet”). It truly looks as though the future is now for the band.

Prior to this most recent endeavour, the band released the first two EPs in their Robot Trilogy series, “Walls” and “Destroy the Robots”. By taking their show to the streets alongside dozens of fans, the band staged marches throughout capital cities and towns with intricately designed futuristic costumes and 9-foot robot statues. With all eyes upon their excitingly provocative performance art and accompanying nightly shows, three tracks from the EPs gained high rotation on well-known radio stations including Triple J, Nova, and Sports Talk UK. With EPs selling well and charting week after week, including a mind-blowing 15 weeks on the Net 50, the band kept things buzzing with interviews and reviews across the globe including appearances in Rolling Stone, Blunt, and NME.

After being handpicked as support for Scottish post-rockers Mogwai in Australia, the band also played major festivals including Big Day Out, Livid and The Great Escape. They shared the stage with bands such as The White Stripes, Sigur Rós, and The Polyphonic Spree, which helped them to reach across diverse fan-bases to much acclaim. Fortunately, some of the converted happened to be fans of self-proclaimed “punk cabaret” duo The Dresden Dolls, to whom The Red Paintings were mentioned as a potential “perfect fit” support slot on the Australian leg of their world tour.

Singer/songwriter Amanda Palmer (one half of The Dolls) contacted The Red Paintings with an offer to tour Australia together. After winning over The Dolls' hearts and praise in those few shows, the band was asked to tour as direct support throughout the rest of The Dolls’ tour including shows in New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The tour was an extreme success, and reached maximum stride each night when Trash performed Tears For Fears’ song “Mad World” alongside Amanda during The Dolls’ encore. Despite having a trailer of equipment stolen while on the road, The Red Paintings managed to persevere in top form, and were fortunate enough to sell as many as 170 CDs per show! In the final days of 2006, two successful products chronicling the tour and the band’s experiences throughout were released as an epilogue of the year; their first-ever DVD (a tour documentary) and live EP (which sold out in record time).

Before closing out 2007 with two monumental Christmas-themed char


In 2009 three tracks from the latest EP have been licensed to the well know TV series "Love My Way" in Australia USA. In addition the band has been featured on Australian radio and TV including JJJ and JTV, respectively.

* [LP] 'The Revolution Is Never Coming' - Due Late 2011.

* [DVD] 'Seziure & Synesthesia' released June 2008. Documentary footage of the band touring through UK, USA, NZ, Austalia, and much more.

* [EP] 'Feed The Wolf' released June 2009
through VITAMIN Entertainment.
1. Feed The Wolf
2. Sing
3. We Belong in the Sea
4. Mercy Seat [Nick Cave]
5. Destroy the Humans (Opera Version)

* [EP] 'Destroy The Robots' released 2006 through MRA Entertainment
1. Destroy The Robots
2. Pickles - Received high rotation on Australian radio
3. It Is As It Was
4. Ill Sell You Suicide - Received high rotation on Australian radio
5. Future Less
6. Destroy the Humans

* [EP] Walls released 2005 through MRA Entertainment
1. Walls - Received high rotation on Australian radio
2. The Streets Fell Into My Window
3. Dead Adults
4. Mad World [Tears For Fears] - Received high rotation on Australian radio
5. Portrait of a Dead Soul
6. Walls (Alternate Ending)
7. Signals From the Frontier

Set List

The band has been knowing to play everywhere in-between a grandiose theatrical show (with full band) to stripped back show with just strings.
Most headlining shows are approximately an30mins to hour and 30 minutes.

Here is an example of a setlist:
10. RAIN