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The best kept secret in music


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"Because The Truth Could Kill You..." EP (2003)
1. Mourning Sunday
2. Anticlimactic
3. Hurry and Wait
4. Bright Lies/ 2,086 Miles Away
5. Because The Truth Could Kill You...

"theredracer/roseoverlondon" split CD (2004)
1. I Hope This Song Makes You Cry.
2. Hearts and Clocks (available @
3. And right now, I would do anything just to feel alive.

1. (sunrise, sunrise)
2. Andy and Teresa were there
3. The Ten Minutes When Everything Made Sense
4. Hearts And Clocks (available @
5. Mourning Sunday
6. Pictures Like Papercuts (available @
7. I am good at many things (but I'm best at you)
8. How To Win At Being Second Best:
9. St. Elmo vs. The Sunrise


Feeling a bit camera shy


Mourning Sunday was written in August of 2002. In it’s beginning, The Red Racer was an acoustic side project that was meant for the aid of tunneling out my ideas. I recorded Mourning Sunday in the living room of my high school vice principal. Soon after leaving the band I was focused on at the time, TRR became more the center of my attention. At the time I was struggling to write on my own and was without direction. In time I wrote five songs and recruited a long time friend, Aaron Lucas (ex-L’arusso, ex-Feature Presentation), to go into Artisan Recording with Jon Hook (Canterbury Effect, Dempsey). We recorded the five songs that came to be known as the “Because the truth could kill you EP” and later as “theredracer EP” on March 11 of 2003. We played a sparse number of shows and soon after, Aaron and I parted ways. By this time I knew the direction I wanted to go in, but was again on my own.

In the summer of 2003, Tyler Davis joined TRR and with him came the more familiar sound we have today. Again, TRR became two acoustic guitars. We began to write more material, abandoning most of the material from the previous EP. We played more often and began to get our name out. Not too long after Tyler joined, Matt Porter joined us playing bass. Tyler, Matt (known hereafter as Buckeye), and I played the majority of TRR’s first shows with this three piece lineup practicing in Tyler’s bedroom with his younger brother, Kyle Davis, memorizing our songs. We recorded the “trr/rol split” with Rose Over London in the later months of 2003.

The more shows we played as an acoustic trio, the more we felt unfulfilled in our presence. By this time, most people in the area had become accustom to what were at present, and the thought of becoming a full band was surrounded uncertainty as to how people would react. Despite negative feedback to the idea, on May 11, 2004, TRR debuted as a full band. Daniel Jordan joined us on keyboard and because Kyle Davis already new our songs, he completed the lineup we are today. At the debut of the full band, but were still considered an acoustic band as Tyler and I attempted to maintain TRR’s identity with acoustic guitars. Soon after Daniel and Kyle joined, the “trr/rol split” was released, serving only as an outdated glimpse of what we once were.

In November of 2004, we returned to Artisan Recording to record TRR’s first full length. Released on June 4, 2005, “NO ONE CAN HURT YOU” contains ten tracks that act as a map from the humble beginnings of TRR in songs like “Mourning Sunday,” “Andy and Teresa were there,” and “Pictures Like Papercuts,” to glimpses of what we were becoming in songs such as “I am good at many things (but I’m best at you),” and “St. Elmo vs. the Sunrise.” At the release show, we debuted as the electric band we are today, displaying the passion and intensity our music required for the appropriate delivery.

Although the idea of TRR began in late 2002, I would like to think it began with the five of us in 2004.

The Red Racer is becoming more than we anticipated. It is more than a band to us and more of an idea that is greater than anything the five of us could ever master independently. When we speak of The Red Racer we speak of a concept. A concept that is far greater than the individual. We are constantly driving ourselves to reach its full potential, but raising the standard higher so that the band becomes the personification of development. We are the embodiment of hope. We are the part of you that feels.

”Zac Milam, Matt Porter, Daniel Jordan, and brothers Kyle and Tyler Davis continue along their musical journey, flawlessly evolving a once sparse acoustic project into something all its own. Songs that are instantly memorable yet equally innovative, blending shimmering pop with anthemic singalongs and creative instrumentation. These boys continue to blur the line between Indie pop and progressive rock, carving out their own niche in an evergrowing musical community.”

–shoot the moon records

Bands we’ve played with include:

Side Walk Slam, Blueprint Car Crash, Latterman, Anathallo, Crimson Addict, Bluewall Audience (RIP), Ari Thanos, Canterbury Effect, Caleb Engstrom, Berry, Number One Fan, In The Face of War

Influences Include: Further Seems Forever, Cursive, The Good Life, Anathallo, Saves The Day, The Get Up Kids, MxPx, Canterbury Effect, Death Cab For Cutie, Number One Fan, our families, and eachother.