The Red Roosters
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The Red Roosters

Osijek, Osječko-Baranjska, Croatia | SELF

Osijek, Osječko-Baranjska, Croatia | SELF
Band Rock Blues


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Comments and reviews"

(A) Ron Gang - the BLUES GANG (2007-11-29 15:28:09)

You Red Roosters are not to lazy to crow for the day (in the words of the immortal Howlin' Wolf).. your sounds bring me way back 40 years ago, and we are all still very young. A big five! Ron
(A) CARPE DIEM (2007-07-16 18:29:09)

I hope someday we can work together coz your musics are amazing. I don't know what to say. awesome. I give 10000000000. good luck.
(A) "Bluesdog" (2007-07-12 21:49:05)

Good Blues acts are hard to find. Groups like your's Keep Blues alive and is the foundation of Rock & Roll. Maybe we can work together in the future. A well deserved 5. Check my Showcase and comment.
(A) Justus Prevails (2007-06-14 23:38:37)

Now that\s some good ol' rock and roll. You guys have a timeless sound. I loved listening to your tunes. Whew... I gotta get back to practice so I can be as good as you!
(A) Steve J (ChicaGo) (2007-05-30 13:53:42)

Feelin your style, very clever and intelligent and very RARE in musik today, keep at it, 5 ALL DAY LONG for originality, REturn the opinion and vote, it matterz to us, GOD BLESS
(A) Dangerous Age (2007-05-17 11:57:19)

great stuff, keep it up
(A) LUKas (2007-05-16 07:26:34)

keep it going ... sounds good !!!
(A) Michaelj (2007-05-13 00:28:56)

Nice groove,reminds me of the early Stones.Sounds good I'll give you a 5.Michaelj
(A) New! BlingBaby2008Remixz... (2007-05-12 12:10:13)

Really enjoyed our video and music...5
(A) Wanna Collab? (2007-05-12 12:09:07)

whats good?? check our song "MONEY THICK" at ons where almost number 1 in the charts by listenin to our song helps us get closer please help thanks
(A) John Finizio (2007-05-12 11:00:14)

Lively sound. Good job. 5 is the rating for you.
(A) stillworkin (2007-05-10 16:46:53)

good sound boys all the best ..griffo
(A) Darkman DeeBo....philly (2007-05-09 20:45:22)

yes sir real hot group you got. your band rocks.......let me hear more.....
(A) DANNA (2007-05-09 19:58:00)

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The Red Roosters Now!(2006)
For a Girl E.P. (2008)



The Red Roosters Bio
The Red Roosters are more than just a group-they are a way of life!
Their music is a mixture of various influences and their own compositions sound like classics at first listening.Believe me,althrough I can't be objective because I'm very close to the group,they got Soul!!,something very rare in contemporary music.And their songs are not just a mere tribute to their idols,I would dare to say they are even exceding them at their best!These works (take a listen and you'll understand) have a certain warmth that I miss so much each time I get a chance to listen to the radio or new stuff on Tv.But I'll leave that to you,bring your own verdict while I tell you their story in short........
The Red Roosters are the ultimate R&B/Rock and roll/Blues band from Osijek,Croatia (never heard of it?).
The band was formed in the summer of 2003. as a result of Josip Horvat (guitar and back vocals) and Ljudevit Laušin (lead vocals,guitar,harmonica),two friends from high school,hooking up with Ivan Radoja (bass guitar and vocals)after a long and frustrating search for a proper bass player.
Soon the band had a complete line up when Krešimir Pajtler (piano&keyboards) and Bojan Pšeniænik (drums) joined the following months.
After a few months more they spent on rehearsing and shaping their style the band held their first concert in local rock club on 06.04.2004.
After a change of drummers (Milan Ivaniæ took the job in fall of 2004) the band recorded a promo disc live on one of thier rehersals.It featured 7 tracks of which one was their original,Laušin's boogie rocker "Good evenin' people".
The band gigged constantly during that time and soon earned a name as a live attraction.As a way of payment for a concert held at their hometown's square organised by their local radio station the Roosters got a chance of recording one song in a proffessional studio.They settled on the track named "I was wrong", a beatlesque tune penned by Laušin and after finishing added it to the previously recorded tracks.
The band started to get attention from across the country and during the 2005/2006 season they visited most of the major cities in Croatia.
After one more lineup change (they become a quartet with Pajtler handling the drums) they started recording again in the may of 2006.This time the focus was on thier own compositions.They completed the disc after a four month strecth (they recorded in Laušin's old house) and their new promo cd contained 15 songs of which 10 was their own.Their fast spreading audience greated it with enthusiasm and some fans even bought the cd (althrough it wasn't published by anyone).
Later that year they debuted on national TV with "I was wrong" video made for teenage Tv show.
They changed lineup again at the end of 2006.Darko Šušovæek (bass) and Dino Bandiæ (drums) joined as replacements and that's the lineup that works now.
The band is working on demos for some new songs at the moment (fenomenal stuff I'd say!).Their biggest problem is presenting their music to the larger number of possibly interested listeners and I sincerely hope they shall overcame it!
Elmo Lewis