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"Mako Hangs in the Singles Scene"

Hotline: Mako hangs in the singles scene
By Michael Marotta/ Music
Monday, March 19, 2007

Mako doesn't want to waste your time with a full-length debut, or even an introductory four-song EP. The Boston-based band is taking the vaunted singles route and unleashing a double A-side single, despite having only a handful of gigs under its belt.
It's an unconventional beginning, but it has served as the gateway for some of Mako's influences.
"A debut single is an enigmatic arrival," said vocalist Hunter McClamrock. "We don't want to take up too much of people's time just yet."
In 1981, R.E.M. released "Radio Free Europe/Sitting Still" on unsuspecting masses. Two years later, the Smiths took Great Britain by storm with the double-single release of "Hand in Glove/Handsome Devil." And Suede became one of the most talked about bands in the UK just on the solo strength of "The Drowners/My Insatiable One."
So will Mako's "A Lesson in Getting/Stations Passed Over" leave listeners clamoring for more, just like its predecessors?
"The tradition is also irresistible - two great songs that leave you wanting more," McClamrock added.
But if folks want to get their hands on this disc, they better hurry. Only 100 copies of the single have been pressed, each coming with artwork created by Mako's drummer, Reid Hannon. The recording was done with engineer Ethan Dussault at New Alliance Studio in Cambridge.
A sound that draws as much from Godflesh as it does Bowie and lyrics inspired by the Robert Johnson chapter in Greil Marcus' "Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock 'n' Roll" comes with room for experimental growth - inside the studio and out playing gigs. While the band shares its Hub time between club shows and all-ages spaces, it is looking beyond the 617 area code. "The plan is to play out and visit a few other parts of the Northeast," McClamrock said. "If the single is well received, we may release another one. It depends on money, frankly. ... Regardless, I find singles quite romantic."
Just like his influences.
For more on Mako, go to - The Boston Herald

"Artist Interview: Mako"

March 26, 2007

While still young, Boston-based rock group Mako have already had some pretty rare occurrences happen to them. After playing a show last July, lead singer Hunter McClamrock was walking across the Harvard Bridge in stormy weather and he was hit by lightning. "All of a sudden I was alone on that bridge," he said. "There was nobody there and I realized I was the only pedestrian." It was his umbrella that got hit hardest and actually caught on fire. But after this event McClamrock's determination and dedication to the band was clearly evident, as he never missed a gig and vows to keep it that way. "I'll break my leg and I'll still play the show," he said.

With so many genres of music coming into the ears of Mako, it's no wonder their sound is the quintessential mixture of both hard and soft. Guitarist Pete Shockey writes all of the band's music and lyrics and cites The Smiths and Led Zeppelin as their two biggest sources of influence, but McClamrock is quick to question, "how do you know what the middle ground between those two sound like?" In the end, they describe their own sound as, "hard and gemlike, sharp, heavy, and impenetrable."

Shockey said their music eventually results in a pure "expression of us as people." To know everything you need to know about Mako, he said people don't need to look any further than the music itself. "Everything is there," he said. "It's in the chords, the melodies, the breakdowns."

The band hopes to really expand their fan base and play more shows around the Northeast, specifically in venues that are primarily focused on all-ages crowds. "We're sick of playing 21 and over when half of the band is underage anyway," said McClamrock. They are looking to reach out to a younger audience because, as Shockey said, "those are the people who really care. I know that when I was 14, music was the only thing I ever cared about."

Mako is giving away every copy of their upcoming single for free, and anyone can receive one by e-mailing them, attending one of their shows, or simply tracking down one of the members on the street. They even joked about how they'll be hiding copies of it "under bridges and in suspicious locations" in a nod to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force marketing "bomb scare" in Boston. Look out for the single to be released by the end of the month.

- Kailani Koenig-Muenster -


2008- The Red Royal (EP)
2007- A Lesson In Getting/Stations Passed Over (single)



The Red Royal (formerly Mako) took their name from Rob Roy MacGregor, the eighteeth century Scottish folk hero. Like him, they find themselves honorable men and mavericks in the midst of flatterers and opportunists

The members -- Adam, Dominic, Hunter, Pete and Reid -- met in Boston and quickly found an appreciative audience, supporting Thurston Moore, Japanther and Calla.

Their music is both virulent and elegant -- sophisticated yet forceful, subtle yet overwhelming. They draw equally from the lyricism of the Smiths and Scott Walker, the muscle of Hum and Led Zeppelin.

The Red Royal EP is a piece of truly modern rock. Hearing it for the first time is like finding yourself impaled on a steel rod -- sharp, cold and thoroughly riveting.