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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Red Shift District: Fans Have Intense Demand for Punk Band"

"We're not Commies, don't listen to your mommies," goes the sing-along chorus to the last track of The Red Shift's latest CD.

It was a point that probably needed to be cleared up, given the band's previous CD was titled Better Red Than Dead, its Web site invites you to "join the Red Army" mailing list and its bio is labeled "Manifesto."

No, the only thing that's really radical about The Red Shift is the Armada band's fanatical devotion to the idea that punk rock should be simple, energetic and rebellious.

"You see so many bands that just stand up there and play fast, loud music, and that's not punk if there's no feeling behind it," guitarist Mark Brandimarte of Romeo said.

The trio combines a love of such old-school punk bands as The Clash and The Ramones with a love of the Sun Records trinity of Elvis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. Easily identified by a uniform of white dress shirts and thin, red ties, the band often performs at the Roche Bar.

"They're probably one of the most-requested bands that have ever been there," said Jenise Taft of Port Huron, who has booked some of The Red Shift's shows at the Port Huron bar.

"And all three of the guys are super nice."

The guys grew up together in Armada. Brandimarte and drummer Jerry Gabridge recruited bassist Scotty Seales after their previous band broke up in 2000.

"We did a one-time show and it worked really well," Brandimarte said. "We plugged Scotty in and it kind of took off from there."

He said the band's August performance on a side stage at the Vans Warped Tour in Pontiac "was probably the highlight of our career so far."

"Hits on our Web site doubled after that one show," he said. "I also got a chance to meet the guys from Bad Religion ... and give them our CD."

Currently the members are trying to revolutionize Detroit's punk scene by organizing their comrades in other bands.

"We're trying to get everybody to work together and find a club that can be a home base for this," Brandimarte said.

It's only a matter of time before they seize the means of production -- well, the production of catchy riffs and backbeats, anyway. - Times Herald

"The Red Shift "I Don't Wanna Get Gassed""

These Chesterfield, Michigan, miscreants play some catchy Ramones-influenced
punk rock with latent rockabilly leanings creeping in at the edges of songs
like "Bang & Go." Actually some of it sounds a little like the non-Irish
songs of DKM when Mike McColgan sang with them, some have just a hint of
early era Clash, & some sound like melodic street punk that doesn't suck. I
like it; you should check it out. They say they aren't commies, but I
wouldn't hold that against them. Ha! Maybe their name comes from Einstein's
discovery that gravity slows the passage of time & stretches light waves
toward the red end of the spectrum (i.e. gravitational redshift). It could
then refer, by metaphorical extension, to the gravitational pull of red
light districts & certain pleasures of the flesh offered therein. Oh yeah. -
BL - Rock N Roll Purgatory


I Don't Wanna Get Gassed (EP) 2004
Better Red Than Dead (LP) 2003
Rock Action (LP) 2002


Feeling a bit camera shy


We’re not commies, and we’re definitely not bible salesmen; just three guys in red ties playing punk music the way it should be. No solos, no love songs, and no tune over three minutes long.

Rooted in 70’s punk and 50’s rockabilly, if the Ramones got into a barroom brawl with Carl Perkins this is what it would sound like. Combining three chord guitar riffs, melodic bass lines, chain gang sing-a-longs and a rockabilly backbeat, the Red Shift writes and performs all original music. Marky strangles his guitar like a dictator on a rampage and leads the Shift into battle with his commanding vocals while Scotty walks the fret board like it’s nobody’s business and Jerry fills out the rhythm section with his dead-steady backbeats. Themes range from songs about deviants and drunkards to politics and criminals—all of which are related in one way or another.

Having recorded and produced their first two albums independently, the Red Shift went into the studio to record their latest collection, the seven song EP “I Don’t Wanna Get Gassed.” The Red Shift is currently touring to promote the album and support the local punk and rockabilly scene. Having established themselves with veteran and novice acts alike, the band is converting the masses one show at a time. If corporate rock and nu-metal are the problem, then this is the solution. Turn it up—this is Red Shift Radio.