The Red Sox Rockers

The Red Sox Rockers


If your a Red Sox fan and if you like music, you'll love the new "Red Sox Family CD" by the band, "The Red Sox Rockers." Nine fun original songs about our favorite team in various types of music. Something for everyone. The band is also available for Red Sox Weddings and World Series Celebrations!


Our story begins in 2003. We wrote and recorded the song "Red Sox Fever" for something to do. We had instant media coverage and radio play just for one song. "Well that was cool, we better write some more." Our second song came with a music video and the third one just in time for the 2004 World Series. We got the CD done in the late summer of 2005 and have had a lot of fun since then. We have played live in several rallies, live on TV, radio, and in parades. Some of our song have been played at Fenway Park. Our goals as a band are to get our Red Sox music to the fans of Red Sox Nation, Sell CDs and raise money for the Red Sox Foundation, to play live at Fenway Park and have some fun.


Go Red Sox Manny & Ortiz
Another Game Friday Night Baseball
Red Sox Man He's Ready
Fenway Girl We are the Nation
Red Sox Fever

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We can also play a varity of Classic Rock covers.

Set List

Our basic set list is the nine songs on the Red Sox Family CD. If the gig requires covers? We have a large list of rockin' classics to choose from. Mellencamp to Janis Joplin to Bad Co. to Pat Benatar.