The Red Thread

The Red Thread


We play a jangly pop which has gotten louder over our 3 albums on badman recording co. Here's what a a guy from all music said: "emotive vocals and subtle indie rock-derived guitar lines that puts his trio in a league of its own." (all music guide)


The idea of "the red thread" had been around for a few years, it just took a band break-up and a drunken New Years' Eve to put it into motion. Jason Lakis began writing after the band he was playing drums for, Half Film, disbanded. Half film had put out a couple records, toured Europe with Swell and ended up calling it quits around 1999. He made demos over the course of a summer and hadn't even thought about getting together a live band for the material until he slurred the idea to three old friends (and part-time bandmates) one new years eve. "The Inspectors," a jazzy/garagy combo were up for it. They re-recorded all Jason's songs as a full band. The product turned out to be After The Last, the band's debut on Badman Recording Co. A national tour followed, along with some great press, including positive reviews in Mojo, Uncut, and CMJ.

Becoming the creative force behind his own band was a significant change for Lakis. In his previous incarnation, he was merely the Ringo of the group. "One thing I love about playing drums is that you can sit back there, and if you know your parts, you'll be holding the rhythm and it's really fun," he says. "Sip your beer in between songs and you don't have to worry about the voice. But after I got out of Half Film, I slowly began singing again, and I was thinking, 'OK, maybe I'll do an instrumental band with just a little bit of singing, and then all of a sudden, all of these songs just kept coming and getting finished."

In 2004 the band put themselves back on the road with like-minded artists Neko Case and the underrated Bay Area band Swell. Positive tour press, and two strong albums lead to packed gigs in the Midwest and Southwest areas of the US.

The album expands on the sound of the previous two, in that it mixes more of the energy of their live shows. It also incorporates much of the spaghetti western, guitar-driven pop songs that make up most of their previous material. Jason recorded and mixed most of the album at his house (the petting zoo). This way, he had the time and resources to really shape the recording the way he'd always wanted. Subtle layers of guitars, Rhodes organ and pedal steel act as flotation devices. They also had the use of a great "pro" live room and studio at their disposal, which worked out perfectly for the more rocking, "live" songs.


After The Last (LP) 2003
Tension Pins (LP) 2004
Ship in the Attic, Birds in the Subway (LP) 2005
(all on badman)
All albums on national, xm satellite, internet radio.

Set List

We do around 8 or 9 songs...40 minutes. The set varies night to night, mixing new and old songs...ones we like to play at the moment.