The Red Threat

The Red Threat


The Red Threat is a high energy 5 piece band from Edmonton Alberta. Our mission is to write music that we are passionate about, and to reach our audience in a way that they can feel as passionately about it as we do.


Formed in 2009 with an average age of only 18 years old, The Red Threat worked tirelessly to prove that they were musically mature beyond their years. That goal was succeeded with their 3 song debut “A Collaboration of Sharps and Flats” which earned them the opportunities to play both local and touring dates with bands such as Ten Second Epic, Barenaked Ladies, These Kids Wear Crowns, and Living with Lions. With the success of their demo, The Red Threat decided to hit the studio with accomplished engineer Greg Wright to record their debut album “Trees”. The album was released on October 9th, 2010, and was supported by a full Canadian Tour during the entire month of October. The tour proved to solidify The Red Threat as one of Canada's up and coming young bands, landing them multiple press opportunites and a showcase in Toronto's International Indie Week Festival. After returning home, The Red Threat's sucess began to skyrocket. They won the Peoples Choice award at the 2011 Edmonton Music Awards, and were crowed the Sonic 102.9 band of the Month for March, playing a sold out showcase to a crowd of 571 on March 25th, 2011. The Red Threat then gained the attention of Canada's largest music distribution agency Indie Pool. After having their music selected as the top 10% in Canada for marketability, they signed an international licensing agreement with Indie Pool/EARRS. The Red Threat is currently on their second cross Canada tour during April/May/June, and upon their arrival home they will be playing Boonstock Music festival alongside Sublime, USS, A Perfect Circle, Crash Kings and many more in front of an estimated crowd of 10,000+.

The Red Threat builds their foundation on addictive choruses, post-hardcore influenced guitar melodies and above all, passion filled lyrics. With their new album “Trees”, The Red Threat explores the relationship that human beings have with themselves, and the consequences we all share as a result of humanity’s choices. Poised to conquer every venue that comes their way, The Red Threat’s explosive live show and relentlessly determined attitude will continue to fuel their drive to stand among giants.


A Collaboration of Sharps and Flats (2009)
Trees (2010)
- Single "Searching For Signals" recieving regular rotation on SONIC 102.9

Set List

Touring List:

The Horror, The Horror
4-1 Legend Killer
Searching For Signals
The Departure