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YouTube video of The Red Threat Sonic session acoustic performance - SONIC 102.9

"The Red Threat Balcony TV"

YouTube video of The Red Threat performing on Balcony TV - Balcony TV


"The Red Threat were selected as SONiC's Band of the Month in March, 2011. Their single, "Searching For Signals" was a great fit for our station, and went over very well with our audience. They kicked off their cross-Canada tour with an oversold show in Edmonton, and are currently building their fanbase across the country. I anticipate their greatest successes are still ahead of them." - Adam Thompson, Assistant Program Director/Music Director SONIC 102.9

"Morris, The Red Threat first-night winners at Edmonton Music Awards"

OK….so remind us again why the first annual Edmonton Music Awards were scheduled opposite the Junos?

Or, as one hi-larious Tweeter noted last night “ Holding the #EMAs during the #Junos is a great way to emphasize #yeg’s absence from the national music scene.”

Of course, to those packed into Haven Social Club for the first night of the EMAs, there was a more stark and apparent contrast: how lame big pop awards shows can be when you could be huddled in dark basement club, listening to folk with rising expectations play high-grade sound for low grade pay.
For those who missed Damon Sparks’ preview story (and really, why would you miss anything on Gig City? ) nominees White Lightning kicked off the show with a healthy dose of funk, accompanied by tambourines, before Jeff Morris ( pictured at right) was named winner of Best Live Performance for a gig last year at Axis Cafe. His opening number that night, Lisa Nicole Grace, was to joke that she was “counting myself as a winner” by proxy.

Erica Viegas, who would win Artist to Watch on the night, was charming the pants off of Haven before all girl band Jezibelle hit the stage, falling under the watchful phone camera lens of K97 Morning Dude E-Spectacularrrrr Terry Evans, who was there both as a fan as as proud papa, with his boy in DRT – nominated for three awards, but not able to attend, because of Alberta’s stupid law preventing minors from performing in licensed venues.

The audience then got a look at the new video for “It’s not me, it’s you,” from Radio for Help, which coincidentally – or not – started on the street on Stony Plain Road, outside Haven. Morris then reminded everyone just why he’d won for best live performance, with fans appreciating the sound guy’s neat use of chorus. It was one of five videos screened, with the winner for best new vid being picked on the awards’ second night.

The People’s Choice Award went to recent Sonic Band of the Month The Red Threat (pictured at right) showing a little FM air time can go a long way.

“It’s truly unexpected and really appreciated,” said the band’s Evan Watson. “ I really want to thank Danny (Fournier) for putting this on, this really, really means a lot for the Edmonton scene and I definitely think it’s going to do great things over the next couple of years.

The show continues Monday night with the bulk of the awards, for Best Album, Best Single, Best Solo Artist, Best Group, Best Female Artist, Best Pop/Hip/Hop/Dance artist, Best Country Artist, Best Roots/Folk artist, and Best Metal Artist
- Gig City YEG

"These guys know how to rock! A young band from Sherwood Park, Alberta"

Often bands will treat these words as a recipe – a list of commands to follow as law. Other times, bands will treat these words as stepping stones – a fixed arrangement of properties that require chronological completion.

Allow me to introduce The Red Threat, a band whose sole purpose is to defy this methodological norm and treat these words not as instructions, but as a lifestyle. Hailing from Sherwood Park Alberta with an average age of only 18 years old, The Red Threat seeks to convince anyone who will listen that they are musically mature beyond their years. Their eclectic collection of influences (both musical and social) is only superceeded by their relentless and undying devotion to continuously create and grow.

The Red Threat release their debut EP “A Collaboration of Sharps and Flats” in November 2009 with the goal of making their songs available to anyone who will listen. Stay tuned … this has only just begun.


"Band of the Month from Park"

Sherwood Park band The Red Threat is getting a lot of airtime.

The group was named Sonic 102.9 FM's Band of the Month.

Quinn Cyrankiewicz, the group's guitarist and vocalist, said they had sent CDs to Adam Thompson, the station's musical director.

"It's been awesome, just doing cool things like Breakfast Television and hearing your songs on the radio," Cyrankiewicza said.

The first time The Red Threat's song came on the radio his family gathered around the radio.

"It was really cool," he said.

So far, reaction has been good, with the music reaching to a new audience.

Trees, the band's full-length album, has also gotten feedback.

"People seem to say we've come a far ways, matured in our song writing and overall songs and productions as well," he said.

The post-hardcore band recorded their three-song demo, A Collaboration of Sharps and Flats, in 2009. Shortly after, Trees was released.

Trees starts with the song "Roots" and ends with "Trees."

In May, the band is doing a cross-Canada tour. After that they plan to continue song writing and hope to be picked up by a label.

The Red Threat's music is available on iTunes, or for free.

The Red Threat will be playing a Band of the Month showcase on Friday, March 25 at the Pawnshop. Tickets are $5.

- Sherwood Park News

"Red Threat has plan to conquer"

The Red Threat is on the rise, and not letting anything get in the way.

The Sherwood Park band survived the release of their first album Trees at the start of the month, less than a year after releasing their first demo CD.

According to Evan Watson, who plays guitar and sings backup vocals for the group, while the demo album was more of a mix of random songs put together, Trees is more of a concept album, with each song following a similar theme.

"We didn't strictly want to put together a collection of songs, we wanted to put out an album that was almost a story in-and-of itself," Watson said. "All the songs follow a similar metaphor and structure."

Watson said that the name for the album was chosen based on the general thought that the song "Trees" encompasses the album's theme.

He said that "Trees" is metaphor for human life, and that's the way in which the album was written.

The first song on the CD is "Roots," which talks about the structure of a human being and the foundation of people.

The album then follows that structure until "Trees," which is the last song. It is also the only acoustic song on the album — something new from The Red Threat.

"We've never actually done an acoustic song before, and I'm pretty happy we did," Watson said. "I think it shows a side of us that nobody's seen before. That song is the pinnacle of the album."

The band, with Kalan Exner on drums, Quinn Cyrankiewicz on guitar, Tyler Elgie on vocals, Tyson Morrie on bass, and Watson, worked on the album for 10 months.

Although the band only formed in 2009, Watson said things couldn't be moving quickly enough for any of the band members.

"We're always going into fifth gear with wanting to do music, and get out there," Watson said. "We always have plans. We're already planning for what we want to do next year."

The band will be touring across the country in an attempt to promote the album.

Watson said that it does involve certain sacrifices, but they are sacrifices all band members agreed on making before the tour was decided upon.

He said the band has had meetings, talking about where they want to be as musicians and determining their goals, and how they want to accomplish them.

He said they all agreed touring and struggling and making sacrifices would be necessary.

The tours make for good life lessons, at least.

"Baby wipes are important — a shower on the road," Watson said. "All of us have become comfortable with the musician life-style. We all basically understand that we're going to be living in a van with all of us. We're going to have days where we're just driving, and other days where we may be eating at a Superstore, all sharing one little rotisserie chicken. It's a sacrifice we've all decided to make."

The band members all work part-time jobs to support their full-time band as well, as Watson, who works in a bar, put it.

"We're definitely putting our resources into music, so we'll work as much as we can, save as much money as we can, then put that back into fulfilling some sort of musical career," he said.

Watson said that the tour is more than just about hopping into a van and playing music in different towns every night.

"One of the most exciting things for us is meeting new people, and influencing new people, so the sacrifices are all completely justifiable," he said.

The band has also set goals in terms of accomplishments during the tour.

"One thing we're hoping to get out of this is recognition out of Canada," Watson said. "We're actively seeking label support, and support with future touring. We're looking for support from people who are more experienced with touring and managing who could help us out."

The Red Threat kicked off their tour at Avenue Theatre in Edmonton, before heading out across the country. Tonight, they will be playing in Toronto.

Trees is available on iTunes and at HMV.

- Sherwood Park News

"Better Red Than Dead"

“We’re not hardcore enough to be a hardcore band,” says guitarist Evan Watson as he stumbles around a description of The Red Threat, Sonic’s latest Band of the Month. “We’re not punk enough to be punk band. So we kind of fall in limbo.”

“We call ourselves post-hardcore,” helps Quinn Cyrankiewicz, who also works the guitar for the band. “We take the feel of hardcore music but we add pop melodies and structure. Easier listening for someone who doesn’t listen to hardcore music.”

Easy listening-hardcore … that maybe one of my favourite hyphenates ever.

Sitting in Remedy Café as the snow melts in the sun outside, Watson and Cyrankiewicz have a lot to talk about when it comes to their first full-length album, Trees — it’s not simply a collection of songs they had lying around, Trees was always meant to be more.

“I guess the main theme would be issues of the consequences that humanity faces due to their own actions,” explains Watson of the record, which they call a concept album. “So it deals with themes of encouragement, hard times — pretty much everything that a human being would go through. I’m trying to figure out how to say this … we wanted someone to listen to it front to back and get a sense of community. We have songs that can hit someone at their darkest place, but our main goal is to remind everyone that we’re all in this together.”

That’s a kind of focus and purpose you normally don’t hear in the discussion of a first album. With songs that are often heavy and run at a pace that suggests the conflict and tension that, as the band has noted, plagues each individual life, there’s also a hopefulness that comes with every swelling chorus.

“For us it was a real time of self-evaluation,” Watson says. “The way that we wrote the album was basically just about evaluating our own lives — what’s important, what’s meaningful to us and what we think we can connect with other people on.”

The idea for the album title comes from the inter-connectivity of trees (and, by way of metaphor, us) with roots that share the same soil and grow from the same source.

“Every human being starts from nothing and it’s their own choices, the choices other people make around us that dictate how we grow,” Watson says, “but, inevitably, we will all die in the soil. I guess it’s kind of a dooms day topic when you think about it — you can’t really be more than a tree but it’s about making the most with what you have and realizing the brotherhood you have with everyone else who’s living the same life you are.”
- SEE Magazine


A Collaboration of Sharps and Flats (2009)
Trees (2010)
- Single "Searching For Signals" recieving regular rotation on SONIC 102.9



Formed in 2009 with an average age of only 18 years old, The Red Threat worked tirelessly to prove that they were musically mature beyond their years. That goal was succeeded with their 3 song debut “A Collaboration of Sharps and Flats” which earned them the opportunities to play both local and touring dates with bands such as Ten Second Epic, Barenaked Ladies, These Kids Wear Crowns, and Living with Lions. With the success of their demo, The Red Threat decided to hit the studio with accomplished engineer Greg Wright to record their debut album “Trees”. The album was released on October 9th, 2010, and was supported by a full Canadian Tour during the entire month of October. The tour proved to solidify The Red Threat as one of Canada's up and coming young bands, landing them multiple press opportunites and a showcase in Toronto's International Indie Week Festival. After returning home, The Red Threat's sucess began to skyrocket. They won the Peoples Choice award at the 2011 Edmonton Music Awards, and were crowed the Sonic 102.9 band of the Month for March, playing a sold out showcase to a crowd of 571 on March 25th, 2011. The Red Threat then gained the attention of Canada's largest music distribution agency Indie Pool. After having their music selected as the top 10% in Canada for marketability, they signed an international licensing agreement with Indie Pool/EARRS. The Red Threat is currently on their second cross Canada tour during April/May/June, and upon their arrival home they will be playing Boonstock Music festival alongside Sublime, USS, A Perfect Circle, Crash Kings and many more in front of an estimated crowd of 10,000+.

The Red Threat builds their foundation on addictive choruses, post-hardcore influenced guitar melodies and above all, passion filled lyrics. With their new album “Trees”, The Red Threat explores the relationship that human beings have with themselves, and the consequences we all share as a result of humanity’s choices. Poised to conquer every venue that comes their way, The Red Threat’s explosive live show and relentlessly determined attitude will continue to fuel their drive to stand among giants.