The Reflections

The Reflections


The Reflections exist somewhere between Spaghetti Westerns, the Brill Building and shards of light bouncing off an old mirror ball to a Dion or Dell Shannon soundtrack, like a 21st Century amalgam of movie theme melodrama and Spector's panoramic ambitions... Good old foot tapping early 60's pop!!


"A lolloping Spector kinda vibe made by people with probably impeccable record collections"
Simon Williams - Fierce Panda Records

"The sweeping arrangements of the Reflections are endearingly heroic"
Steve Jelbert - The Independent

The Reflections are a band that aren’t ashamed to be at odds with the climate of knowing cynicism that pervades the current music scene, and say they are more drawn to the old fashioned idea that “pop music can perhaps naively aim for the stars".

Beginning as a partnership between a singer and a song-writing guitarist, The Reflections incorporated drums and bass in order to get out and start playing live gigs and haven’t looked back since.

Once guitar player Adam and singer Alex started buying old American and British vinyl from the early 60's it would end up changing their approach to songwriting and recording for good. The sounds of artists like Dion, Gene Pitney, The Walker and Righteous Brothers and many others from the era would become one of their main influences.

A band was formed as a result of this new inspiration and momentum and after a period of lineup changes the current four piece Reflections was eventually settled on, giving the band a more settled and tighter sound. First arrived drummer Adam (yes another Adam) and eventually bass guitar player Phil.

They’ve already been picked to play at the ‘In The City’ music festival in Manchester and have their first single and album due for release in early 2010.

Set List

Our set can be 30mins - 1 hour, all are original songs and will run mostly like this:

That's Got To Hurt

Girl From Out Of Town


Without The Night

Nobody's Fool

Without Regret


In This Day And Age

A Lonesome Man

I Won't Be Long

When I Return