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"The Reflections – Disconnected"

The duo from LA known as Reflections have recently dropped their second single. On “Disconnected” the introduction of a subtle piano counter melody wastes no time in leading the charge for the vertical textures that keep course the rest of the song. Infectious is one way of putting it. Be sure to check out The Reflections’ forthcoming debut LP, Limerence expected early 2013.

- Blah Blah Blah Science

"The Reflections – “Disconnected” – Video"

Los Angeles-based indie band The Reflections have released a video for “Disconnected”. It’s the second single from the band‘s forthcoming debut full-length Limerence out early 2013. The video was directed by Ellen Frances (The New Pornographers, Black Marble) and is a wicked trip via subway that may conjure a few memories of the boat ride from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Watch the video for “Disconnected” after the jump. - Earbuddy


The Reflections take us behind the lens of their music, with a Wonka-styled journey through the subway tunnels for the video for their second single, "Disconnected." Directed by Ellen Frances (The New Pornographers, Black Marble), the "Disconnected" video premiered last week at Impose Magazine who called it, "riveting to watch and ripe for a head-bobbing zone- out."

Produced by Kenny Woods (Lykke Li, Jenny Lewis, etc), "Disconnected" is a chilled-out gem full of chugging rhythms, intricate piano arrangements and 70s styled guitar riffs, off their forthcoming debut LP, Limerence out in early 2013.
This duo, compromised of Darian Zahedi and Jon Safley, have already been touted by the likes of Spinner, Filter and NME, who declared The Reflections are, "a reminder that a bid of sunkissed US pop-perfection is always good to go down a storm." The Reflections are set to play The Echo in Los Angeles on December 10th and download "Disconnected" above! - Beautiful Buzz

"Premiere: The Reflections, "Disconnected" Video by Elllen Frances"

In The Reflections’ new video, “Disconnected,” directed by Ellen Frances, the L.A. trio take you underground for a Wonka-style subway tunnel freak-out with colored lights, flashing mirages, and an overall feeling of unstoppable forward motion. Set to a chugging rhythm and some ethereal euphoria, tempered by sentimental vocals, the chilled-out pop number plummets into darkness and blues, alternating between the soft focus of films that play behind your eyes after hours and light fixtures from the trippiest disco you’ve never seen. Riveting to watch and ripe for a head-bobbing zone- out, “Disconnected” delivers a feeling driven more by rhythm and visuals than vocals, built on an incredibly intricate instrumental foundation that jumps from solemn piano notes to wailing guitar as quickly and seamlessly as the lights change.

The Reflections, whose members include Darian Zahedi, Brady Wills and Bleached drummer Jon Safley, are gearing up to release their debut full-length, Limmerence, early next year. - Impose Magazine

"Video: The Reflections, ‘Disconnected’"

The Ellen Frances-directed video for the Reflections’ second single, “Disconnected,” reminds us all too much of the zoning out many people do while traveling during the holidays. Its kaleidoscopic focus on subway tunnels is like a zany limbo between zombie-like autopilot and alertness upon destination. Like the clip, the song itself is riveting but wonky with Darian Zahedi repeatedly singing the word “disconnected” as if he’s off in a distant world. Its tone is a bit colder (and a bit more intense which perfectly matches the craze of any holiday season) than “Summer Days,” but it’s another promising nugget from their forthcoming debut “Limerence,” which is slated for an early 2013 release. - Buzzbands LA

"The Buzz"

This Los Angeles lot seem to have materialised out of thin air- and with an absolute stunner of a debut single in tow. "summer Days" is a gorgeous paean to everyone's favourite season. But vocalist Darian Zahedi isn't just going for cheap and easy thrills-belying the song's pristine surface, the sepia-toned lyrics lay bare a romance turned sour: "Don't you think it's pointless/having me around/I'm just being honest/you're just bringing me down," he sings, sounding kinda tortured. Areminder that a bit or U.S. pop-perfection is always good to go down a storm. - NME

"New California Pop From The Reflections"

This awesome new song “Summer Days” by The Reflections was just sent my way the other day and I think it’s definitely something worth your time. It’s a breezy pop number that evokes the feelings of being on a beach in California, which the band would know a lot about being from L.A. A solid release date for a new album from the group is not yet available, but we’ll be sure to let you know when we hear something. Stay tuned. - Austin Town Hall

"The Reflections :: "Summer Days""

Los Angeles band, The Reflections outline a tidy bit of nostalgia on debut single, "Summer Days." Like so many before them, there are hints of fatalism at the edges of their remembrance. To be so wistful on a recording is to admit you stand in the face of the dying world, or a dying world, a summer that turns carelessly to fall and then relentlessly into winter. "Summer Days" is a glossy pop song, pulsating organ chords and a serious acoustic guitar, a soft spot for thinking about girls who are no longer around and whatever else slipped through our collective fingers. - 32ft/second

"MP3 Download: The Reflections – “Summer Days”"

With a producer like Kenny Woods (Vampire Weekend), you know you’re in good hands. Or The Reflections know at least. The first single off of their debut full-length, Limerence, pinned for early 2013, is a comfortably indie track detailed with woozy guitar plucks and velvety percussion. Darian Zahedi’s vocals reverberate as he opens the song with, “Don’t you think it’s pointless having me around?” and continues down a pensive path of examining solitude. - Indie Rock Reviews

"MP3: The Reflections Release Dreamy First Single, “Summer Days” (FILTER Premiere)"

"Don't you think it's pointless having me around? I'm just being honest," sings Mack Winston in "Summer Days." This lyric is our introduction to the Los Angeles-based band, The Reflections.

Led by Mack Winston (Darian Zahedi) and Jon Safley (drummer in Bleached), The Reflections have only been a band since the beginning of 2012. And although this project is relatively new, they have kept their work fairly quiet until now.

"Summer Days," which we have here as a FILTER Premiere, is a song thats lackadaisical quality reminds one of what it feels like to live in L.A. at times. The Reflections have taken a different approach to summer and love with this song. For the song's persona, summer days are spent meandering around and examining what it means to be lonely.

"Do I wonder about you because you're no longer around?" Winston muses. We've all been there. And most of us have made it to the other side where solitude can also mean solace. These introspective lyrics only make us eager to hear more from this band.

The Reflections' debut album, Limerence, will be released early 2013. For now, you can listen to the FILTER Premiere of "Summer Days" below -

"The Reflections, 'Summer Days' -- Free MP3 Download"

In Their Words: "The song is inspired by the little things, the minutiae, the mundane that can tip you over the side of the boat when you're lonely or not in the best place. The way you experience the passing of time can be so different depending on what is happening in your life and what you are feeling." -- Singer Darian Zahedi

"Ears Wide Open: The Reflections"

Don’t get the Reflections confused with Mack Winston and the Reflections. Although it would be understandable since both bands involve Darian Zahedi (who formerly went by Mack Winston). The Reflections are an entirely new project between Zahedi and Jon Safley, and their sound is far from anything dance related. Linking indie pop with retro production, the Reflections are more likely to be filed next to all your favorite dreamy pop bands such as Two Wounded Birds or dramatically romantic pop artists such as Jens Lekman. Joined by bassist Brady Wills, the Reflections have also finished an album’s worth of songs with producer Kenny Woods, and their debut full-length, “Limerence,” is slated for an early 2013 release. Their first single “Summer Days’ and its cascading guitars are just perfect as the season’s heat winds down. - Buzzbands LA


Summer Days (Single)
Disconnected (Single)
Limerence (LP due out 2013)



The Reflections were born when Darian Zahedi and Jon Safley began collaborating together earlier this year, often sending ideas back and forth while on the road with other projects. Along with bassist, Brady Wills they finished up an album’s worth of songs and spent the better part of Spring at Brightstreet Recorders with producer/engineer, Kenny Woods (Jenny Lewis, Lykke Li, Vampire Weekend).

A hypnotic blend of classic indie pop with dashes of chillwave melodies, “Summer Days” is the first offering of their debut full-length, Limerence, set to be released in early 2013.