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Therefore, Peter-John


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In 2002 a friend of mine, was producing this live-to-air student talk show and she wanted a live performance; she knew I was an MC, probably from seeing me writing rhymes and bopping my head in class all day, so she asked me what I thought about performing. She said her brother Max had an instrumental Jazz/Ska band that could back me up called, “Octoclops”. Oh yeah, this was the day before the show. The next day, I met the band; we had 20 minutes to come up with something. We actually came up with a sick beat, it had a Lee Perry type skank to it. We rehearsed a couple of times, and then the show started. After the commercial break; the red light on the camera light up, and we started… We started the song, and got everything wrong so we all just started freestyling. We all laughed after the show over beers and shit talking, and the guys invited me to come by later that week and meet the whole band.

Every Friday for the next couple of months was about getting shit faced in this grungy dark basement in Parkdale, like ten abstract musicians just going wild, no mics, me screaming like Kurt Cobain and all of us completely trashing the place. Musicians came and left till eventually me, Will, Calder, and Emory were left. Our first show was at Planet Kensington, this dive punk spot in Kensington Market, Toronto. We played like nine songs to a completely packed club, made like 26 bucks, and stumbled out of there with our heads up, ready to set some shit off.

By 2004 things started getting serious; we all started to get our acts together, played more shows, and started organizing our songs and writing new material. We had a new sound, still the same raw punk/hip hop, but it became more then that with everyone bringing new ideas to the table. My writing became more personal, in depth, and mature as I started traveling the world and seeing real shit. I mean you see shit in Montreal and Toronto, and I always wrote about the things I’ve seen around me, and experienced, but not like the kind of shit you see in third world countries, you know? As a band there was a position behind what we were saying, that all of us stood for.

We all went through rough times; different events caused isolation, insecurities, and doubt. But we kept playing cause we loved to make music; it was the only pure essential peace in all our lives.But we just couldn’t get our shit together. We recorded a couple of tracks at this studio, live off the floor. I can’t lie - it was nice to hear us in decent quality. It was a huge inspiration. Other then that recording, and some tapes recorded off a ghetto blaster we hadn’t really had any thing.

By 2005 we had played a lot more shows, but we couldn't find a name to describe our sound, so it became, ‘Therefore, Peter-John’. On stage we got comfortable, had a little fan base, (it’s so dope looking from the stage and seeing people sing your songs back to you, thank you), and enjoyed what we were doing more and more which I think is the most important thing about art. A good friend of mine inspired me and let us get in his studio. We were in there by ourselves and took a lot of time figuring things out, but we did it. We were crazy thankful; that really kicked us in the ass and got us on our toes. We recorded most of our EP there, and recorded the rest at Calder and Will’s apartment. It was great, the booth was in the closet, there was a Bob Dylan poster in it, and jackets soundproofed it. But we finished it.

We plan to tour the summer of 2006, push our EP independently as we go, and just enjoy the experience. Our generation has been through a lot of shit, a lot of stuff has happened. We all have interesting stories to tell, and it comes out through our music.

That’s where at for now.