Laval, Quebec, CAN

We are a duo that comes from the region of Montreal. If you are looking for an acoustic experience with rhythm, a soothing ambiance and intricate lyrics, come and chat.


At its beginning, Thereforus [there][for][us] was the solo project of Jean-Daniel. Wrote five songs that were digitally released under the name Overrated [EP] in November 2010. The following July (2011), I released the album [no name yet] as a fund raiser for a 9 month mission trip. The 11-track project was managed in a particular way. The first 8 songs were (and still are) available for "name your price", including free. Buying the hard copy album gave the buyer three more songs. Since it was a fund raiser, people were welcomed to give how much money they wanted. I always had the intention to stay away from the music industry. That experience made me realize that I didn't need the people's money, but that people could give what they thought it was worth, without setting a minimum. This is why the album 4D, digitally released in September 2011, has been available for "name your price" on

Now with a new member, Matthieu Madran, Thereforus is working on a new project. A self-titled album will release during summer of 2013. For more info, email:


Overrated (Nov 2010)
4D (Sept 2011)

[no name yet] (July 2011)
Thereforus (Summer 2013)

Set List

an almost
it's alright