The Regulators Band

The Regulators Band

 Huntington Beach, California, USA

The Regulators Band is hard knockin Southern Rock/Country Rock that the people absolutely loved in the 90's. This band has and is already building a huge fan base. They have recorded music and plenty of new material that is just waiting to be laid down. We are seasoned professionals and are ready


This Southern Rock Band from Southern California with legendary members; Jimi Hughes, Johnny Barnes, Cliff Smith, Randy Smith, Bobby Byrd, and Mark Aceves. Growing up to the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, The Outlaws and more, they thrive on releasing the sounds and energies of these Artist combined. Rockin the stage in the 80's & 90's, the Regulators are at it once again. This Band is a must see to believe!!! With hit song's like; Whiskey Fever, Let it Ride, Need For Speed, Sweet Sustain, and Last Chance, they will take the rhythm in your soul on a tornado ride!!! One of the Regulators founders, Jimi Hughes has passed on, but his legend lives on and will push us back to the place we belong, on stage where our fans love us.. Don't miss it this time!!! With Five of its original members and two Legends added to the band in the late 90's, Ronnie Farrell (Vocals) and Chris Turbis (Keyboards) the Regulators are on fire for the public. With the love of music in their hearts and entertaining in their souls, they put on a show second to none. Once you hear the sound, you won't be able to stop from dancing and partying up!!! They have toured with the likes of; Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Gregg Allman, Joe Walsh, Mick Fleetwood's The Zoo, Foghat, Black Oak Arkansas, Confederate Railroad, Savoy Brown, Molly Hatchet, just to name a few. They also have soundtrack parts in major motion pictures such as; "Under Siege" starring Steven Seagal called "Whiskey Fever" and "Kuffs" starring Christian Slater called "Need For Speed". They are action packed and ready to go!!!! The years of combined experience and their talented writing ability, puts them right on top with the best!!


Last Chance

Written By: The Regulators Band

“Last Chance” By The Regulators Band

When the rainy days are over, you see the clearing in the sky,
Like a pain that lies inside your heart, can maybe help you see the light,
And the love that’s lost forever, is like a ship passing through the night,
Its like a burning flame, it don’t feel the same, now its time to change your life.


It’s the last time to make I goodbye last forever, it’s the last chance before the romance fades away…..

Could be last time to make a goodbye last forever, it’s the last chance before the romance fades away……

And as the days grow dimmer, I’ll miss you more than I’ll ever dream, and the sun that shined so brightly then, is shining brighter then its ever been,
I’m grateful for the friends I’ve had and the special one’s that past, its up to you and you can tell that too, I thank the lord I’ve had my chance,


One by one we leave the stage, but still the show goes on, Its hard to realize our time is not that long,
There is a better place for me and for you, HEAVEN, HEAVEN, HEAVEN…..You can’t lose,

So if you see a star is falling, and it lights up the sky, there is good news, it falls for you, its your chance to set it right,


Aaaawww it’ll be the last time and last chance you walk out on me, It’ll be the last time and the last chance you set yourself free, I said no more baby, yeah, yeah no more Girlllll,


Need For Speed
My Bags Are Packed
Whiskey Fever
Lay Down Your money
Boys Are Goin' Out
Last Chance
Burn Them Bridges Down

Set List

Harley Intro by sound and by video,
1) Need For Speed
2) Boys Are Goin' Out (Break)
3) My Bags Are Packed
4) Whiskey Fever (Break)
5) Burn Them Bridges Down
6) Good To Go
7) Above The Law (Break)
8) Let It Ride
9) Sweet Sustain
10) Lay Down Your Money (Break)
11) The Fire
12) Texas Lawman
13) Last Chance
14) Lies Encore Song