The Rehab Addicts

The Rehab Addicts


we are a punk band for the most part. We have a slightly pop-punk tone. Think early green day, not simple plan. we have been compared to nofx, catch 22, and sometimes earlier blink 182. We love what we do and can't wait to play for you. That was an unfortunate rhyme but still true. Thank YOU!


The Rehab Addicts are a punk rock band from Long Island, New York. The first three members all met in High School and decided to form a band. They originally started out as a quasi-classic rock/punk/crap band called Social Cancer. The original line-up was Mike on bass/vocals, Dan on Guitar, and TJ on Drums. After it was decided that Mike would play guitar, the guys had lots of trouble finding a new bass player. Before their first and only show they had gone through 12 bass players, and the one that played the show with them learned the songs that day. They played at the Backstage and made fools of themselves. For a while, Mike concentrated on his band Vitriolic, while the three remained close friends. In the summer of 2004, the guys thought that it would be fun to regroup, if only to jam once and a while. Again the problem of a line-up arose. Whenever they would have a fourth member, it seemed that he/she was always out of the loop. After trying out 3 more bass players, it was decided that they should remain a 3-piece. They originally reverted to the original line-up of Mike on Bass, Dan on Guitar, and T.J. on Drums, but they realized that Mike could not rock out on bass and sing at the same time. At one practice, Dan picked up the bass and Mike picked up the guitar, and the three sounded better than they ever had before. They remained in this formation until College when they met James. His personality and guitar skills added a lot to the band, and so the final line-up was made.


Zang Zadamn!
The Bee's Knees - coming soon.

Set List

any combination of:
Memories of a Hopeless night
Sick of You
I Swear I'm Fine
Suicide is for the Emo Kids
Life's an Oyster and I'm the Soft Squishy Tongue
Cliche Anthem
I Don't Wanna Do Anything
Friday Night
I Hope You Get Hit By a Car And Die
Kill A Nation
We're Punk and We're Angry
Walk Away
Passed Out With My Shoes On (Back in '74)
I Lied
Brian Mark Is a Dirty Pirate Hooker
Welcome To Bootytown
The Passion of the Bob
Late Night Lurking
Opps We Did It Again

Typically we only get half hour sets.
We can play forever tho.