The Reinforcements a.k.a. E.G.D.

The Reinforcements a.k.a. E.G.D.

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The E.G.D. is a group of young artist who have exceeded and have become dedidcated in the music industry.This is a very young group extreemely talented. They scored 7/10 in a artist showcase judged by platinum sounds sony def jam and lth productions. We also won a 92 q advertised talent show.


The Reinforcements is a family of young talent who despite there many differences hold together and strive to succeed each and every day. We are currently managed by the respectable lorren haymen who encourges us and instructs nout just our musical routines but our daily lifestyle. Weve worked with many upcoming and established artist and have made sure not to look back upon unforseen mishaps. The RS family embraces every oppurtunity that can bring us that much closer to achieving our goal.
Our mixtape has just been released on the streets entitled flysociety," lets do it for them haters".
If interested in purchasing a copy please contact us.


Move To This, True Love, Shawty, When can I see you again