The Reiter Collective

The Reiter Collective


Inter-Disciplinary ensemble mixing modern jazz, impressionism and folk music, playing all original repertoire from contributing band members.


The Reiter Collective is a modern jazz ensemble founded in Boston, Massachusetts. Formed at Berklee College by bassist Will Cafaro, the group hosts a revolving lineup of artists from all over the globe, with members from Brazil, Japan, Slovakia, United States, Dominican Republic.
Their name is taken from the avant-garde movement led by painter Wassily Kandinsky who believed all the arts could be connected and utilized to create a piece of art the could encompass all the senses. They have worked with modern dance choreographers, visual artists , poets as well as other composers.
They are currently promoting their first independent studio release around the Northeast region and are currently working on new material for a full studio album as well as a 2013 summer tour.


Reiter Collective EP