The Rejects

The Rejects


We are a loud, fast, energetic, original rock three piece that has been together for close to a decade. We play an evil side to mainstream Poprock while not losing the dance in the mix. We are very raw :) LIVE AT KNITTING FACTORY-


The Rejects were born, raised and currently reside in Queens, NY.

Ian Keller and Alex Hernandez met in kindergarten, later on forming a duo in 2000 that went by the name of Graffiti; Ian on guitar, Alex on drums and both sang. A year later, Sam Allen graced them with his bass skills and The Rejects were born. Since then, they have successfully stayed a band and have only made positive improvements.

The Rejects cannot be easily associated to any specific genre of music, thanks to a vast horizon of influences. Many have gone from comparing the band to Radiohead all the way to the likes of Nirvana, The Vines, Alice In Chains, etc.

The Rejects stand for freedom, imperfection, sarcasm, and anything they want to be. If you are looking for something deep, meaningful, and genuine, look no further. This is the most raw and powerful rock and roll you will ever hear.

Venues played: Kenny's Castaways, Arlenes Grocery, The Bitter End, Crash Mansion,
The Knitting Factory, Uncle Mikes, Fontanas, and The Hook, Sullivan Hall, Sinclaires Pub

Set List

Typical Set List --30 min time slot
1. W.T.F. 4:00
2. Something Else 2:30
3. Demento 3:00
4. Great Work of The Academy 4:00
5. Slide 4:30
6. The Lullaby 4:00
7. Brainwash 2:30
We can fill 1 HR slots with all originals
1. W.T.F. 4:00
2. War and Peace 3:00
3. Something Else 2:30
4. Demento 3:00
5. Midnight 4:00
6. Great Work of The Academy 4:00
7. Slide 4:30
8. Opium 5:00
9. COTW 3:30
10. The Lullaby 4:00
11. Death Machine 2:30
12. Deep Bass 5:00
13. OYaFM 3:00
14. Katie's Song 3:30
15. Hymn to the Fallen 3:00
16. Brainwash 2:30