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Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Hard Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review – The Rekkening – Broken Mind EP"

Vancouver’s The Rekkening has just brought out their new 4-song EP called Broken Mind. For those of you who don’t know or who’ve never heard of The Rekkening, here is the background – Tracey Lynn Satann (main vocals/guitar) joined forces with bassist extraordinaire Goredzilla to form what is the backbone of The Rekkening. At that time, they recorded a demo called “Best Served Cold” which went over well. They played some gigs with a rotating door of guitarists and drummers and wrote songs. They found guitarist Travis T (Treacherous T) who plays guitars on the EP and drummer Jordan Meyer. However, Jordan just didn’t work out the way they had hoped, and they’re recruiting a new drummer, Natalie Elliot who has yet to find her nickname in the band.

As we speak, Goredzilla is in LA right now at the Bassist Convention where he handed out the EP to bassists’ for Metallica, Megadeath, Billy Sheehan, etc. He’s also done an interview with the co-host of City Talk TV LA Robin Takizawa.


The EP was engineered by Esteban Cruz Z., Roger Lee and Jeevanath Sekaran. And, it was mixed and mastered by Ken Burke.

The 4 songs are (in order): In The End, Broken Mind, Cry, Is This Love (Whitesnake cover).

Starting with “In The End” the first words you hear are “Blinded by rage/At a young age…” and “I am who I am” should tell you right off the bat that this band follows their own muses and if you don’t like the music, then leave now. Tracey has very powerful pipes and she can get in your face literally with a focus and concentration that probably scares most other people. Her intensity with music is evident in the vocal work on all 4 songs. The music is hypnotizing, the drums pound and the song explodes from the speakers. Travis’ guitars are very good throughout the songs as well. And the bass work is impeccable.

“Broken Mind” has a sinister quality about it musically right from the start due to the song being in a minor key. Tracey picks up a megaphone to use it as an extension of her powerful vocals which only a few bands have ever used. Asking questions “why…” make me wonder what is she looking for which is interesting in of itself. It’s a dark song about why why why do certain things keep happening in life. Many people wonder the same thing about their lives as well.

“Cry” starts out with an acoustic guitar and fills out as soon as the drums enter the song. It’s a great ballad song and is radio friendly. With lyrics “But now I only cry/When it’s late at night/And now I only cry/Instead of holding you” are some strong emotions in the words which you can hear in the vocals. This song is mixed well. The guitars are lovely, played with graceful hands by Travis. And the bass work speaks for itself.

“Is This Love” is a Whitesnake cover which isn’t like the original. The band took this song and put some speed into it and grind it out with powerful vocals, pounding drums, choppy but fluid guitars and the bass just goes with speed beat drums. A great headbanging song!

The one thing I like about this fresh band is their passion, focus and concentration on the music. Tracey and Goredzilla are working hard this time around to make a name for themselves in the competitive genre of hard rock/metal. I asked Tracey what would be the ultimate thing to happen to which she replied “We’d love to play some festivals in Europe, Germany in particular.” With the right karma, this just might happen. This EP is solid, refreshing and hard hitting, and when more songs are written and recorded, who knows what can happen! - Jade Sperry

"Tom Zillich -Arts & Life"

SURREY — The suicide death of teen Amanda Todd in 2012 hit very close to home for Tracey Shane, singer in the local metal band The Rekkening.

Bullied and abused as a child, Shane found herself on the streets of Whalley at age 12.

“I can remember sitting on the curb looking for broken glass to cut my arms, because I hated my life, hated everything,” said Shane.

“I’ve come a long way from there, though, thanks to significant counselling for a couple years. I’ve come to terms with all that.”

Today, Shane is busy spreading the word about Bullies Break Hearts, a benefit concert for the Amanda Todd Legacy Society, this Sunday night (Feb. 16) at Panchos Top 40 Rock Club in Surrey. Tickets are $10 at the door, 10768 King George Blvd.

The event will feature live music by The Rekkening and five other bands, including Random Dander, Bridges to Royal, Maiden B.C. (an Iron Maiden tribute) and Born To Sever.

Shane hopes to fill the venue with music and an anti-bullying message.

“Doing this at Panchos, a place where I went to quite a bit back in the day when I was a real mess… It’s pretty crazy how all of this is happening,” said Shane, known as Tracey Lynn Satann on stage. “It was quite a hiding place for me.”
- See more at: - The Surrey Now Newspaper


"Best Served Cold" 2009, " "Your New Religion" 2010. "Broken Mind" 2013



THE REKKENING is definitely a think outside the box type band.

Their versatility and style cannot be put into a specific genre.

We play what they Feel!!

The leader of the band -Tracey Lynn Satann( lead vocals/lyrics/writer) started THE REKKENING

after years of tragedy and loss, in 2008. She brings all of her experiences to the table to breathe life

into and entwine the audience with feelings of love, hate, remorse, gratitude...the list goes on. Being a

very emotional person herself she is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, or on her leg (first band

logo hearts pulling apart tattooed ). This is the extent to which she believes THE REKKENING has

an advantage and is set apart from the NORM of other bands, that when you hear 1 song , the rest

sounds the same as the other. Not the case with THE REKKENING their true staying power is in

every song being different and keeping everything real and raw, the way they would sound live. This is

not a new concept by any means, it's just gotten lost somewhere along the way in the music industry.

Tracey's influences are: Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Metallica, to name a few.

Quote- (Tracey Lynn Satann) My life has not been a neat little box with a bow on it , so why

would my music?

Adding...My music gives me an outlet to express my feelings positively.

Her songwriting partner GoReDzilla adds a particular earth pounding BASS sound that is second to

none. GoReDzilla has played in many different local Vancouver bands over the years and his

experience with live, recording and promotion is an asset that cannot be replaced.

His belief in THE REKKENING is nonparallel and it shows as he has been in the band since 2008.

His leadership in the band stands out in so many ways, he has helped Tracey become the confident

talented lead singer she is today. His ability to move THE REKKENING forward is unlike any other.

Some of GoReDzilla's influences are: Black Flag, Iron Maiden,NIN,Dillinger Escape plan, and many


THE REKKENING brought on board Travis (TWITCH) Arnold-Lead Guitar in Feb 2013.

He is the youngest member of the band at only 21, but his skill and style comes across as though he has

been playing for 40 years. The riffs and licks he plays can only be compared to an elite class of guitarists.

His commitment and ability to Go with the flow reflects his contagious style and personality.

Some of Travis's influences are: James Morrison,Eric Marienthal, Guthrie Govan and SRV.

THE REKKENING has had a revolving door of drummers and is currently working with Natalie

Elliot (gnat). She is working very hard at learning all our songs, is teachable and an amazing artist.

I am privileged to meet & work with her. I admire her non stop charge forth attitude in everything

she does. Natalie's influences are : Buddy rich, Mike Bordin ,Jeremy Spencer, Bobby Jarzombek.

THE REKKENING released their NEWV CD EP Broken Mind Nov/2013

Recorded @ Blue Wave Studio's with Ken Burke (Mix/master) Analog

Consisting of 3 songs-Broken Mind, In The End, Cry,

Again there is a song for everyone on this CD .

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