The Relative

The Relative

 Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN

Original Rock/Folk music with Latin influences packaged in a performance driven by distinct three-part harmony. Members include Jim Alvarez on guitar/vocals, Kris Alvarez on percussion/vocals and Eric James on guitar/vocals with Cameron Wensel on bass and Rob Cocarell on kit drums.


Although all the members of the band have been in the music industry with various other bands together or separately, the Relative, which started out as a 3-piece acoustic group, evolved into the current format early in 2010. "Probably the biggest influence in my songwriting are the Beatles" indicates, Jim, who grew up in the Philippines and started writing music in college and has played in various bands in the Philippines, Toronto,Windsor and Regina. Most recently the leader/singer/songwriter of Bandja, and recorded an indie album of original music. Kris and Eric moved from Montreal to Regina and had performed as a duo in various venues including live theatre and cafes. Although Rob plays drums, he considers himself more of a bass player. He is also a singer/songwriter and has recorded a solo album. Cam plays bass with the Relative but is also a singer/songwriter for his own band, Black Drink Crier. He is currently in the process of completing a solo album



Written By: Jaime Alvarez

If I asked you why you never say the things you used to say
would it hurt you, would it make you go on leading me this way
in your silence you torment me, leave me wasting in despair
why'd you let this go on longer when you know I feel betrayed.

Now the tables have been shifted, now you look to be consoled
you come to me with a heart that's broken offering nothing in return
how's it feel to be tormented, all your life in disarray
In the end you still give nothing, still betrayed I give you love.

I've given you everything I could; you took my heart and tore it all apart.


Jim & Kris - "Freshly Squeezed"- limited issue on cassette tape.
Jim - "Easy Times" w/ Bandja - limited issue on cd
Rob - "Aref Sea"- limited issue on cd