The Relatively Calm

The Relatively Calm


Imagine an alcohol fueled lover's quarrel between Sleater Kinney and Bright Eyes. The Relatively Calm are a four piece indierock/indiepop band with emo and punk roots. With thoughtful and self-depricating lyrics set to catchy riffs and infectious hooks, it won't be long before you love us too.


Betsy Shane and Tony T Raver are the heart of The Relatively Calm and couldn't possibly be more different. Betsy Shane moved to North Carolina in late 2003, coming off a four year stint immersed in the New York streetpunk and skacore scene, while Tony T Raver moved from Florida and a repertoire influenced by his reverence for singer-songwriters and completely devoid of power chords. The two met at an open mic their first month in town and despite their differences, became fast friends.

By early 2004 The Relatively Calm was playing shows in Chapel Hill on a monthly basis. They released "Hanging by a Thread" in the summer of 2004 and in the fall, toured the East coast and played the evening concert at NC Pride. In November 2004, the band went on hiatus and dissolved its existing lineup.

In 2006, songwriters and founding members Tony T Raver and Betsy Shane returned to Durham, NC to resume the project and with the aid of Anil Aktaran, recorded the full length album "Pre-emptive Strike," released on October 5, 2006. They toured the East Coast again in support of the new record. Pre-emptive Strike's first single, "Beg" is played on college radio across the nation.

In 2007, The Relatively Calm welcomed drummer Jon Hubbard to replace Anil Aktaran and is working on a follow-up to Pre-emptive Strike.

The Relatively Calm have opened for national acts such as Of Montreal, The Butchies, Red Collar. They participate in yearly festivals and are active in the local Queer, Anti-folk and Punk communities.


Hanging by a Thread - 2004
Pre-emptive Strike - 2006

Set List

Typical set runs 40 minutes and includes

Strike First
Car Keys
A Real Friend Stabs You in the Front
When I Have Mondays Off
Multiply Every Day By Two
Down the Bottle
Radio Silence

Typically 35-45 minute long sets.