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"Play Something Relative!"

Play Something Relative!

I didn’t see any high-profile talent scouts at The Muse on May 24th. Didn’t see any big-time booking agents, managers or record executives either. No doubt they were too busy at more well-known clubs, schmoozing with well-known artists, too busy to look for fresh new talent that very well could be their next meal ticket. So it’s not surprising that The Relatives concert that Saturday went basically unnoticed, leaving no impact on Nashville’s musical elite who have long forgotten how to forage for talent.
But those who attended the show were able to see what a record label’s A & R guy should be getting paid to find; a truly original, innovative, energetic, talented band. Well rehearsed and cleverly packaged, The Relatives delivered a tight set of material that deserved to be heard, well, anywhere but The Muse.
So who are “The Relatives”? For one thing, they are a family. Daughter and lead singer Jordan fronts the band with a presence that is a little bit Amy Lee, a little bit Patti Smyth. Disney-cute and totally comfortable with commanding interaction from the audience, she has more charisma at age 13 than most touring artists twice her age. Older brother John is a rock-solid guitar player with a sound reminiscent of early Pete Townsend and is the principal song writer for the group. On bass, vocals and keyboards is 10 year old brother Theoren, a spark plug carrying enough energy to make Danny Partridge seem catatonic. Behind it all is Bobby “The Dad” on drums doing what any good dad should do, providing the pace, direction, and heartbeat of the family. But you get a glimpse into the driving force of this unique band as Jordan introduces the song Between a Rock and a Hard Place “For Andrew, who should be here tonight”. The dedication is a eulogy to the one band member that you don’t see but whose presence is woven through everything Relative, their brother and Bobby’s son who was killed at age 16 just as the concept for “The Relatives” was taking shape. It’s the purpose that they share, the common thread, the ties that bind. So if this band seems to be a little more driven, have a little more passion, or write with a little more conviction, thank Andrew, who gives them a reason to continue doing what they love. In the meantime tell someone you know in the music industry to get off their leather couch next time The Relatives are in town, they might hear something new.

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Shelly Keats Ferrell
freelance writer
- Shelly Keats Ferrell


CD- THE RELATIVES - No. 2 (self released printed at Music Row Records)



THE RELATIVES are a family based band out of Nashville, TN (Hermitage to be exact). They are not your typical band you would expect out of Nashville as Country Music is not in their vocabulary. The members were raised on straight-up Rock-N-Roll and enjoy Buzz-worthy music today. THE RELATIVES are unique in that they feature youngest member Jordan Bridges on vocals, who recorded their first song at 9 years old, older brother Andrew Bridges (16) on lead vocals, eldest brother John Bridges (19) on guitar, vocals, and keys, but will be passing keys to Jordan when playing live, and the Dad (Bobby Bridges) on drums and vocals as well. The Dad was at the perfect age to be inspired by the 70's TV hit , The Partridge Family, and fell in love with drums at the age of 8, even though the young Partridge never played!!! The Dad was playing in a band in mid 2004 and were looking for a lead guitarist, who other to fill the spot than his oldest son John! Things were great for a while, but Dad and John were ready to venture on their own and play more of what they like! John wanted to free up some vocals and focus more on guitar so had the brilliant idea...Let's get Andrew!!! Perfect!!! Andrew was reluctant at first, as he was a huge WWE fan and was convinced being a wrestler was his calling in life. But since he never reached 300 lbs. or 7 feet tall, music was his destiny! During Christmas break of 2004, Jordan said, "Here's a song I wrote, what do you think?" The boys loved it, and that was the inspiration that planted the seeds for THE RELATIVES.

THE RELATIVES began recording in early 2005 with Jordan's song. Then it was time to work on Dad's songs that he had written in High School. Everything was going great until the evening of March the 4th...while in Florida, Andrew was preparing for his move to Nashville and had left late that afternoon with his girlfriend Kelly. At 8:40 PM, the absolute worst tragedy and nightmare a parent, brother, and sister could ever go through...while traveling on I-10 Kelly lost control of the car and both were hit by an oncoming 18 wheeler and were killed instantly. Instead of scrapping the project, Andrew inspired us to go on and finish the CD as this would have been his wishes! Our CD is totally dedicated to his memory as we all have empty places in our hearts now!!! Rest In Peace little ANDREW, WE MISS YOU!!!

Youngest son and brother Theoren began learning Bass & Keys and is a big help in rounding out THE RELATIVES sound as of today.

We have played at THE EXIT IN, THE END, and THE MUSE, and look forward to sharing our songs with everyone at THE NEXT BIG NASHVILLE!!!