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"Free your mind with The Release: Local jam band to play Whistler, Pemberton"

Spend some time taking in Whistler's local music scene and you'll discover a range of genres at local venues. One night you might see a live reggae show, the next night heavy metal and then acoustic rock the next.

But if you're really paying attention you might also begin to notice familiar faces within the different bands. The truth is, Whistler's local music scene is a talented but fairly small bunch, so many bands tend to share members with each other.

Within that crossover, sometimes you'll get a couple of musicians who have a vision for a new band that's unlike anything else on the local scene. Enter Brendan Ladner and Tolm Heuckendorff and their relatively new musical creation, The Release.

Ladner describes The Release's style as "funky jam-rock" - a melding of rock, pop, funk and psychedelic live mouse music or "jam-tronica."

"When you hear the music, the idea is that you can feel the release. Like freeing the mind." Ladner said of the band name and how it relates to its style of music.

The Release gets its foundation in the jam-band tradition of acts such as the Grateful Dead and Phish, with improvisation and interesting shifts within songs and live performances, he said.

"We're trying to incorporate some of those ideas with the catchiness of almost Beatles inspires harmonies, while keeping the funky groove of, say, James Brown," Ladner said.

If you've yet to experience The Release, you can check out the band and its original music at two upcoming shows. On Tuesday (Nov. 11) The Release will be at Moejoe's and next Friday, Nov. 14, at the Pemberton Hotel.

Ladner and Heuckendorff met while playing with Kostaman and the Vibrations, the popular Whistler reggae band. Connecting through a love of jam band music, the two started jamming together on guitar and flute.

After performing some outdoor shows as a duo, they recruited the bassist from another local band - Derek Stembridge of Brother Twang - and Vancouver's Benny Shuetzr on drums. One or more of the members of the Release also play in acts such as Altered Beast, Kostaman, D'ale and the Coolers and Brother Twang.

But Ladner said The Release brings something original to the local music scene. The band incorporates organ, flute and saxophone with traditional rock instruments, while also blending vocal harmonies and elements of drum 'n' bass.

"It's the most original music going right now," Ladner said.

And though there's a lot of pressure to play cover tunes, Ladner said he and Heuckendorff are committed to playing their original music.

The band has only been in existenece since July, but The Release recently spent some time in the studio. In addition to next week's shows in Whistler and Pemberton, watch for more local gigs and a tentative CD release party in December, Ladner said.

Experience The Release at Moe Joe's on Teusday (Nov. 11) and at the Pemberton Hotel on, Nov. 14. Check out
thereleasejamband for more info. - Whistler Question by Jennifer Miller


The Release EP 2008




Coming off another successful BC tour, including a headlining spot at Bonfire Festival 2009, The Release is touring Canada from coast-to-coast through the fall of 2009. Based out of Whistler BC, The Release is bringing the high mountain vibes to the rest of Canada.

The Release is a Jamband, rooted in a spirit of live improvisation and based on a foundation of innovative songwriting. Drawing on Southern Rock, Funk, Modern Jazz, Jamtronica, and all music that has soul, The Release uses luscious vocal harmonies and heavy dose of sexy dance groove to launch audience members on journeys to musical bliss.

Playing all original music The Release sings of the tribulations and triumphs of love, life and culture; creating a musical landscape to try and make sense of it all, while warming the soul. Using guitar, keys, sax, flute, drums and bass, this four-piece channels their years of touring experience and their years of musical study to create a sum greater than its parts.

The Release EP featuring five songs and two improvised studio jams was released in October, 2008.

Let the music free your mind...