The Releasejamband

The Releasejamband


We are an original funky jamband with an emphasis on live dance grooves (picking up where bands like Wassabi Collective left off). Touring Canada coast-to-coast through the fall, we bring a sexy dance party.



Coming off another successful BC tour, including a headlining spot at Bonfire Festival 2009, The Release is touring Canada from coast-to-coast through the fall of 2009. Based out of Whistler BC, The Release is bringing the high mountain vibes to the rest of Canada.

The Release is a Jamband, rooted in a spirit of live improvisation and based on a foundation of innovative songwriting. Drawing on Southern Rock, Funk, Modern Jazz, Jamtronica, and all music that has soul, The Release uses luscious vocal harmonies and heavy dose of sexy dance groove to launch audience members on journeys to musical bliss.

Playing all original music The Release sings of the tribulations and triumphs of love, life and culture; creating a musical landscape to try and make sense of it all, while warming the soul. Using guitar, keys, sax, flute, drums and bass, this four-piece channels their years of touring experience and their years of musical study to create a sum greater than its parts.

The Release EP featuring five songs and two improvised studio jams was released in October, 2008.

Let the music free your mind...



Written By: Tom Heuckendorff

We started out like a movie I'd never see,
I danced all night you stood there serving me
It was getting late I tryed to stay away
But you caught my eye when you smiled my way

And Paulina
Can't get you out of my mind
And Paulina
One day you'll be mine

Running all across town with no time to spare
feel much better know watching you lighten hair
now all thats left is you face burning in my memory
Untill I get back in hopes you'll remember me


Stealin' Away

Written By: Tom Heuckendorff

As I wander, around the steaks
You call, me by my name
Seems more is on your mind,
Love is blind and how can I
Feel this way

Still I, I got you by my side
You always think the same
And there seems theres so much more
To me and you

Guess I have a different point of view
One side

Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah
Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah
Stealin' Away is easy for you

Its easy, when you tell me what to do
You always think the same
And there seems theres so much more
To me and you

Sill I got you by my side
Spilled coffees not the same as waiting till the end
Here with you

Guess I have a different point of view
One side



The Release EP 2008

Set List

The Release plays all Original Music

We are accustomed to playing 3 hour-long sets in one night. Improvised jams are expected.

Fill My Lungs
Stealin' Away
Leads Me On
Soulive Jam
Lost My Way
Funk Jam
Washed Away
New Quarter

Other Side of the Moat
To Whom
Be Here While I Can
Not Alone
Summit Ride
In Time
Hot Air Balloon
Broke My Heart